Bedford Channel Bulletin, #1

The Bedford Channel Bulletin differs from the FLCC Newsletter in that:

  • it will only be used to communicate important and time-sensitive information
  • it will not be sent on a regular basis but only on a need-to-know basis
  • we ask you not to "unsubscribe" from the Freshet

Freshet Rules

"Freshet Rules" are now in effect.

Note to steerspeople:  No 'new' or 'trainee' steers during freshet.  If you are not confident in your ability to steer in the freshet - don't go out!  FLCC will do everything it can to find you a replacement steer.

Online membership is now available.  Click here or go to Forms & Documents on the FLCC website.  Fees can be mailed to: Fort Langley Canoe Club, Box 1098, Fort Langley. BC, V1M 2S4 or given to team captains for deposit in the drop-box at the canoe dock.

The Paddlers Classic and Provincial Qualifier NEEDS volunteers.  

Contact Grant if you can help.

Help needed for Paddlers Classic Saturday May 10. The Paddlers Classic regatta involves different boat types and is spread out so it requires a large number of volunteers. Volunteers have stepped up for the key judging and safety boat  roles but more safety spotters are needed ( work in pairs) to watch for accidents etc. and informing the safety boats to do recoveries. If you can  contribute 2 -3 hours from10.00am this Saturday contact immediately.

There is a new members-only area on the website.  It will contain Minutes of the AGM and Executive and other members-only material.  The password is flcc.

Security Reminder:
Gates on the Paddlesport Dock and on the Canoe Dock have been left unlocked on several occasions.   The last person must lock all gates and if not sure if you are the last, then DO lock the gate, others can always unlock it. The FLCC has many valuables and we don't want them stolen. Thank you!