Outrigger Teams and Schedules

Teams and Schedules

We have a wide variety of  teams who paddle weekly.  Each team has a primary contact who will be happy to talk to you about their team and explain what they are up to. As you explore the different teams, you can try out a team a couple of times to figure out if it is a fit. A decision between the team an you. If it is, you can start contributing to the team costs.


We structure our year into two seasons with some teams paddling all year and some for a half season. As such, boat fees are structured around each season whereas your membership fee is an annual fee. Each team figures out their own costs depending on their activity and times they rent the boat.

  • April through September
  • October through March

OC1 Bookings

OC6 and V12.  Team can book their boats with Joanne, our Boat Coordinator.