River Run

May 4th & 5th, 2024 – CORA Cup Series

Challenge yourself on the dynamic currents of the Fraser River at Fort Langley! Join us for a weekend of adrenaline-pumping action – from challenging 12km OC6 races to exhilarating small boat 10km showdown on Sunday. Test your paddling prowess and then soak up the historic charm of Fort Langley. Click the button below to register and paddle your way to victory!”

All teams are invited to participate. The race is also part of the CORA CUP Series. Teams can earn valuable points in their pursuit to win this year’s National CORA CUP championship. Check CORA for updates on the 2024 Cora Cup races for this year. For teams contending, ensure that your team name, category, division, and boat type remain consistent over the course of the CORA CUP series. 

2024 FLCC River Run, CORA CUP


2024 FLCC Small Boats, CORA CUP


Race Course

Low Water Areas