OC Steers Training

Steers Training Program

Master the Art of Outrigger Steering

In the world of outrigger canoeing, the sixth seat of your OC6 is occupied by the steers person. This role is essential for the safety and efficiency of your team and boat. The Steers Person assumes the responsibility of piloting and directing the boat, ensuring safe and efficient travel. While they may delegate certain tasks, they are primarily in charge as the boat departs, returns, and everything in between. This includes responsibilities like ensuring all paddlers are properly equipped and comfortable with the paddling conditions. Without an experienced and trained person in seat six, you and your boat are at risk.

The Significance of Skillful Steers

Skillful steers persons are vital members who carry significant responsibilities. They serve as the backbone of the club, ensuring that all boat activities run smoothly. The more skilled steers persons we nurture, the more opportunities we create for new members and teams to flourish.

Furthermore, race crews highly value skillful steers persons who can capably compete against other teams. They contribute to speed, precision in navigating the course, and facilitating great turns.

Steers Training Program – Coming Soon!

If you have a passion for steering, our Steers Training Program is here to assist you. We are in the process of establishing a Steers Training Team, dedicated to training and equipping individuals to become capable and approved steers persons for the club. While the team members are yet to be named, they will guide you every step of the way.

The Steers Program will be structured around four key stages:

  • Trainee: Passing the steers quiz and basic training.
  • Novice: Gaining experience by steering under the guidance of an approved, experienced steers person (usually in seat five while you get the hang of things).
  • Experienced: Becoming an approved and trustworthy paddler capable of independently managing a boat.
  • Approver: A candidate for the Steers Training Team who has two or more years of experience as an approved steers person.

Click for Steers Manual 

To help you on your journey, the Steers Training Team has crafted a training manual that explains the art of outrigger steering. 

Steering Commands Every Paddler Needs to Know

  • Hold the Boat: Drive your paddle down vertically into the water and hold it firmly.
  • Hold Hard: Drive your paddle into the water, perform a sudden backstroke, and hold the paddle firmly and vertically. Use this command in emergencies to stop the boat quickly without risking injury.
  • Back it Down: Paddlers paddle backward in unison, often used to move the boat away from the dock or during race starts.
  • Take it Away: Paddlers begin paddling at a gentle pace and effort level.
  • Brace: Paddle blades rest flat on the water’s surface with blades gently feathering back and forth, exerting slight downward pressure to stabilize the boat.
  • Draw Right/Left: Paddlers reach out at an angle to the side, plunging the paddle deep into the water and pulling it toward the boat.
  • Pry Right/Left: Bury the paddle below the boat with the paddle’s flat surface parallel to the gunwale, pushing or prying the paddle away from the boat.
  • Let it Run: Stop paddling and allow the boat to glide on the water.
  • Back Paddle: Place your paddle into the water behind your hips and drive it forward (opposite of the normal paddling stroke) to move the boat backward.