River Conditions


Avadepth is the water velocity & depth prediction tool provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Click for AVADEPTH.

Select Parameters:

  • Select your chosen date
  • Fraser River =  Main Arm,
  • River Discharge @ Hope = User-defined,
  • Report = Velocities. 
  • Before you click Apply you will need the User-defined info.  Go to https://wateroffice.ec.gc.ca/report/real_time_e.html?stn=08MF005 and get the actual discharge at Hope for the specified day.  Enter the info and click Apply

You will receive a chart.  The column that we use is headed 64, as we are 64km upstream of the datum point. The typical maximum speed is about 1.6 metres per second.  FLCC calls Freshet Rules at 1.0 metres per second.  The negative number would mean the current is flowing upriver, due to a rising tide.

During the low water months, when the speed of water is not so important, use the Water Levels rather than Velocities feature to understand the dangers of low water.

River Forecasts


Freshet Rules NOT in Effect:  Effective June 7th, 2023

Click here to Contact Safety Coordinator

Increased minimum number of paddlers required

  • DB 6-16 or Millenium:  16 mostly experienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • DB10:  8 mostly experienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • DB Buk: 14 mostly experienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson
  • Voyageur:  8 minimum including 4 experienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • OC6:  5 experienced (6 recommended) paddlers always with an experienced steersperson

Lining boats to north side of docks – Dragon Boats at Canoe Do

  • DB: Line boats to north side of the middle finger of the Canoe Dock for loading and departing.  Returning to the south side is okay.
  • No departures or returns from the south finger.
  • Load & depart from either side of the north finger.

    Outriggers are to leave and return to the new dock.  Secure/hold OCs with a bow line while launching to prevent a runaway. 

    Outriggers at Canoe Dock (only to be used if no boats are available from the new dock)

    • OC6s moored at the Canoe Dock depart and return in the normal manner.

    Always leave and approach docks heading upstream.  Remember to use the current to carefully and slowly approach the dock

    Do not turn boats between red buoys and bridge.

    • DB, OC6 – to return to Canoe Dock must pass under the north end of bridge, turn downstream of the bridge, then head upstream passing under the south end of bridge to return to the Canoe Dock.

    Do not power under bridge as debris catches there – watch out for debris in the river.