A unique, Senior “D” (67+) women’s team with the gusto of kids!

Are you in the same boat as us? 

“Us” is D-Fyance, an established team with very little turnover. Most of us are in our 70’s, some younger, some older.  Practice times are afternoons: Mondays and Wednesdays. All of us have taken home medals, so we’re serious enough to practice year-round with some breaks. Yet, serious about maintaining friendships amongst us. Some but not all had experience with other teams. Still, we welcome first-time paddlers with open arms.

We have one of the most experienced coaches in the Club. There’s a good chance he’ll make you a stronger paddler.  He’ll also make you laugh.

Sound like fun?  Then, maybe you belong in the D-Fyance boat.  Join us!     

Practice Times

D-Fyance practices twice a week all year
Mondays & Wednesdays, at 2:30.


Contact D’Fyance at dfyance@shaw.ca.


D-Fyance is recruiting paddlers at this time.