We Believe!

This highly dedicated group of ladies is driven and motivated by the desire to compete – and WIN – locally, nationally and internationally. To achieve our goals we train year round on the beautiful Bedford Channel in the Fraser River.

Our dragon boat practices focus on timing, technique and power. Cross training in the outrigger canoe builds cardio and endurance and complementary dry land gym workouts blend flexibility with strength specific to paddling.

The joy of competing and placing so well on the World stage has inspired the team to continue to “believe” in our strengths, our training, our teammates and our goals. Proving what is possible to ourselves and to others has been the team’s incentive and purpose which we couldn’t have done without the amazing support of our families, communities and sponsors.

Practice Times

Titanium practice twice a week, on Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30. to 6:30.


Titanium Ahoy at titanium@fortlangleycanoeclub.ca


Titanium is not looking for new paddlers at this time.


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