Emergency Pull-outs

The pull-out spots on the map are registered in the Emergency Health Services database of COMMON PLACE NAMES. When you contact 911 tell the operator you need an ambulance at . . . “Common Place Names, Fort Langley Canoe Club, pull-out number X”. For example, the Salmon River confluence, is “Common Place Names, Fort Langley Canoe Club, pull-out number 7”

In all cases you will need to send someone to the nearest main road to direct emergency vehicles to the pull-out area.

If, and only if, the dispatcher is unsuccessful in pulling up the Common Place Names data use the descriptions below.

1. Old Albion Ferry Dock, north end of Glover Road at Fraser River, 9500 BLK Glover Road. (49.17984°, – 122.56762°)

2. North end of 252nd Street at Fraser River, off 88th Ave (River Road) 25200 88th Ave (49.16220°, – 122.52528°)

3. Fort Langley Airport, 23945 River Road (Get someone to River Road/88th Ave. (49.16579°, -122.55702°)

4. Boat Launch at east end of Marina Park, at north end of Church Street. (49.16987°, -122.57341°)

5. Canoe Dock – north end of Church Street. (49.17065°, -122.57574°)

6. Paddlesport Dock – access is east of 23285 Billy Brown Road (49.17129°, -122.57818°)

7. Salmon River at Fraser River. Access Road is at 22969 Coulter Court, with a locked gate. Get someone to the gate. (49.17590°, -122.58630°)

8. Muench Private Dock, Road extends off Allard Crescent at 10000 Block to Fraser River – Get someone up to the main Allard Crescent to direct emergency vehicles down to dock area. (49.18617°, – 122.59030°)