The Freshet, #77

March 2017

Monthly Safety Question:  Do you know where the AED (automated external defibrillator) is located?  Answer at the bottom of the newsletter.

PS  An AED is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest.

FLCC Members Fully Insured

Backgrounder:  FLCC and Canoe Kayak British Columbia (CKBC)

FLCC began as a Flat Water (FW) club as a member of and insured by CKBC.  Over time, FLCC grew into four distinct divisions and continued with CKBC. FLCC became Club Members of Dragon Boat Canada (DBC) and Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA) so FLCC members could race in their sanctioned races, in the same manner as our Club Membership with CKBC enabled FW members to race at CKBC sanctioned races.  Neither DBC nor CORA required all FLCC members to be registered under their associations simply to enable competitive FLCC members to race.

CKBC increased individual adult recreation member fees (at that time advertised as insurance) from $5 to $9.  As FLCC was now a large club and this increase meant a large payment to CKBC, the FLCC exec contacted the insurer (Allsport) to inquire about getting our insurance directly rather than through the middle-man CKBC.  At that time, Allsport told us all participants coverage was approximately $3.50 each and all drop-ins were automatically covered without additional fees.  We told CKBC of this -  and continued to pay the $9 per adult member but not for drop-ins.  Hearing nothing further from CKBC, we assumed this was acceptable.

Four years ago CKBC introduced a new Club Membership Compliance Statement, which FLCC exec declined to sign as we were not compliant according to CKBC rules in all divisions except FW.  Over the following years CKBC said FLCC FW could not race if we did not sign the compliance form.  As a result, for that year, the exec agreed and the FLCC FW rep signed the Compliance Statement on behalf of the FW Sprint Group only, NOT on behalf of the entire club. Hearing nothing further from CKBC, we assumed this was acceptable and our FW athletes continued to race at CKBC events representing FLCC.

Late last year the exec learned that CKBC took that amended Compliance Statement as to be representing the entire club, not simply the FW Division.  We re-confirmed with CKBC that only FW was in compliance and attempted to re-negotiate the compliance issues with CKBC to no avail.  As a result, in February, the Club was found to be in non-compliance and CKBC cancelled our insurance.  We immediately purchased participant third-party liability insurance from a new source which provides clearer coverage  at a better rate, for the club members and non-member participants.  As well, FW are currently setting up a separate society which is fully compliant under CKBC’s rules and enable their athletes to continue to race under FLCC.

New Initiative in OC Division

The Outrigger Division of FLCC is looking for a coach to set up a development program starting this spring.This will be an introduction for new paddlers or any existing paddlers wishing more instruction in the outrigger canoe.  We’re looking for someone capable of setting up the program, and has experience coaching. If interested, please respond to  with details of experience. 


Outrigger Meeting

March 13th  7:00 downstairs at Community Hall

It’s important to have at least one person from your team attend. We will be discussing:

• Maintenance

• River Run

• Strategic Plan

• Safety.

April 1st is River Run , This is our race and our time to shine !!! Sign up to volunteer either at meeting or email

Good Luck to Fast & Furious Lite and Ti-10 at the Pan Am Club Crew Championships in Puerto Rico, March 17th-19th

The Pam Am Club Crew Championships are DB10 races with competing teams coming from North America and the Caribbean. F&F Lite will compete in Senior B (50+) and Ti-10, parented by Titanium, will compete is Senior C (60+).

Access to the ATC.

Due to the amount of sand, salt and grit that is tracking into the ATC, and a wish to keep the floor clean for all rowers and paddlers, BCS is asking everyone to please use the door at the south side of the ATC which leads to the hallway and shower area. 
This door is equipped with the same pushbutton lock as the main door, and employs the the same code number, 4618. As of January 21, and until further notice, the front door lock will be disabled. That door will still allow for fire egress, but please direct anyone wishing to enter, to go to the back door. 

Paddling Parkas

Those who bought the spiffy, black, white and blue FLCC parkas certainly got good use of them this winter!

The club is looking at a lower priced parka that will come in at approximately $95 plus get.  Our version will be Blue with a Black lining.  Cec Welk will shortly have samples in hand.  Individuals or teams can contact Cec at more more info or to see the samples.

Team and/or FLCC logos and name can be added.

Dragonboat Safety Meeting

March 24th, 7:30 at the ATC.  The safety meeting is mandatory for steers and at least one other member from each team.  Strongly suggest captain(s) attend.

Dragonboat Division Meeting

March 20th, 7:00 at the community hall to discuss strategic plans and committees.  

Head of the Fort Regatta

Reminder:  Head of the Fort Regatta by the University of Fraser Vally Rowing Club
Saturday, March 11th, First race at 9:30

If you're paddling that day you may have the best seats in the house, but, please give their boats and race course a wide berth.

Dragonboat Youth Program

Looking for volunteers to help organize, coach & call and steer our Dragonboat Youth Program.  The program  usually runs April-May but need to start organizing and recruiting now – contact dbyouth@fortlangleycanoeclub  The program is for youth ages 12-18.

The Sechelt Voyageur Brigade on June 13-18 still has paddling spaces available.  If you would like to join in the fun please contact Sylvia Langmann at

Fast and Furious is looking for energetic and experienced 49+ paddlers (minimum 1 year paddling) who wish to join an adventurous and welcoming group of ladies that are working towards  competing at Nationals (Welland, Ontario), August 2017. Practices will be up to 3x/week April to August. Interested paddlers should contact Carolyn Jeffreys at

Monthly Safety Question:  Do you know where the AED (automated external defibrillator) is located?

Answer:  The AED is located inside the ATC (Athletes Training Centre)  The ATC is the most westerly room of the Fort Pub complex of buildings.  Door code is 4618.