The Freshet, #71

June, 2016 

FLCC OC paddlers have returned from Australia and the 2016 IVF World Club Sprint Championships!  Bob Anderson, Cheryl Bublitz, Doug Kazakoff, Anne Mohs, Lani Schultz,  Darrell Smith, Allison Wilkins, and Jonathan Wilkins represented Canada as part of Team Canada’s club crew contingent in the world championships at Mooloolaba (north of Brisbane, Queensland) from May 10-15.  Many of our group were chosen for the top teams in their age divisions and many raced for two age divisions (Master 60 and 50 divisions) as well.  Several teams reached the semi-finals or finals; the combined strength of the Icemen, including Doug and Darrell, prevailed in the Master 60 Men division V12 500 m race to win bronze, a very significant win against the dominant Tahitian, New Zealand and Australian paddlers!  Well done FLCC and much gratitude to our home teams and the efforts of Team Canada’s Donna Harrison, Lynda Roberts, and Leanne Stanley in herding all 83 of the Team Canada “cats!”

And, FLCC paddlers: let’s get training for Tahiti in 2018!

What's happening in the four divisions . . . 

Communication within divisions is varied:  Dragonboat and Outrigger send info via teams, Voyageur sends to a compiled list, and Kayak uses several communications lists.  If you want to receive Dragonboat, Kayak, Outrigger or Voyageur info but aren't on their regular distribution list please email and we will make sure you are added to the division communication system.

Club Apparel

Now that the warm weather is here it's time for a FLCC tank top.  Check out all the club apparel at

FLCC will be placing a Club Apparel Order soon.  New since the last order:  Long and short-sleeved polo shirts and fleece vests.  Samples will be available for viewing at the River Run and Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday April 7th on the canoe dock at 5:00.  Organize you team apparel order when you organize your paddle order.  Contact Cec at

Spare Paddlers for Regattas

Dragon Spirit is heading to Nanaimo July 8th and needs a paddler.  They have a bed for a paddler at the Grand Hotel (shared room with two others).They can contact Linda Fleck at 604-888-4582 or or Donna Lum at  

If you are looking for a regatta paddler or want to spare at a regatta, please contact

Kayak News - National Team Trials/ Canada Day Regatta June 24-26th, July 1-2nd

FLCC kayaker Lauryn Cheung will be competing at her first ever National Team Trials in Montreal this upcoming weekend. This is a very exciting opportunity as she will race against the fastest kayakers in the country, current National Team members as well as Olympians and future Olympians. Lauryn will then travel to Ottawa and train with the paddlers at the Rideau Canoe Club the current National Champions. Lauryn will gain more race experience at the International Canada Day regatta in Ottawa. This is huge step towards her goal of making the Canadian National Team. 

Call Out for Pan American Club Crew Championship

Titanium Mixed and Fast & Furious are looking for paddlers & steers who would be interested in paddling at the Pan Am Club Crew Championships in Puerto Rico March 17-19th

Participants will be racing in 10 person boats for 200m, 500m and 2000m races.  Paddlers must be 50 years of age (Women) for Fast and Furious or 60 years of age (Men and Women) for Titanium Mixed as of June 1st 2017 and have:

• a minimum 1-2 years experience at paddling

• be in good physical condition

• commit to all practices throughout the winter months.

There will be a meeting (whenever we can get a room) for all interested paddlers.  This is the link to the Pan Am Website and on that page.  Bulletin number 1 is available under “news”.  If interested please contact Ben Lee at

FOR Sale  9.9 hp, 2 stroke Johnson boat engine.  $800 Contact Dianne (until July 15)

Recently serviced.

For Sale:  45” Chinook without a scratch on it ($125);  a zippered cover with shoulder strap suitable for biking to the river ($30);  a seat pad that’s purple and blue design ($30).   I’ll sell all 3 together for $160.  Contact Nancy at 604-782-9975 or

We Paddle, not Row!!!  But you might want to give rowing a try

FLCC Paddler Special -Introduction to ROWING in TWO DAYS $100

#1 June 25/26 – Sat/Sun 4 - 6 pm,  #2 July 9/10 - Sat/Sun 4 – 6 pm,  #3 July 30/31 - Sat/Sun 4 – 6 pm

Special class for our FLCC paddling friends!

For paddlers interested in knowing more about rowing - we have a mini-Learn to Row introduction specifically for you!

As you already understand water safety, local protocols, and are comfortable on the water - this course will teach you proper handling of the fragile equipment, and you will get to find out how unique and different it is to sit on a sliding seat, use oars locked into oarlocks, and propel yourself backwards down the river, "sweeping" in an Eight

With our experienced and patient Learn to Row coaches, this will be a fun way to learn more about what rowing is all about, in a short two day course that won't impact your busy paddling schedules.

Follow the instructions to register for our Learn to Row programs and find the for more information to sign up course of your choice.