Freshet #59

January, 2015


Notes from FLCC Executive

The docks are icy and slippery. Paddle with lights at night and early in the morning. A reminder that it is everybody’s job when on the docks to ensure all the boats moored are bailed of water, not just the one your crew is taking out. Arrive a little early to ensure this task is taken care of. Be prepared to receive a call or email, with very short notice, to shovel snow from the docks.

Executive positions will be open for nominations at our 2015 AGM on March 2, at the Fort Langley Community Hall. Memberships must be paid in full and in the hands of our Treasurer at least 21 days in advance of March 2 for the member to be eligible to vote at the AGM.

Be advised that this constitutes the official notice of motion to update the Fort Langley Canoe Club’s Constitution and Bylaws at the upcoming AGM. The FLCC Executive proposes the following revisions, additions and deletions:

Remove: “For the purposes of having a vote at a general meeting or annual meeting, the member’s application forms, together with the cleared funds for the payment of the membership fee, must have been presented to the appointed membershipregistrar at least 21days prior to the date of the meeting.”

Revise: “(3) A quorum is 15% 10% of the members eligible to vote, but never less than 5 persons.

Remove: “Each voting member present may carry a maximum of 9 proxies.”

Remove: “(4) Voting by proxy is permitted, provided the proxy is in writing and is carried by another voting member in good standing. A member may carry a maximum of nine proxies.”

Add: “(3) All Executive members are elected for two year (2) terms. One-half of the Executive membership is elected in alternate years. Those designated (E) are to be elected in even years, those (O) are to be elected in years ending with an odd number.

Revise: (4) Decisions resulting in non-budgeted expenditures over $1,000 $5,000 must be approved at a general meeting of members.

Add: 43. The Dragon Boat Coordinator (O), Flatwater-Sprint Coordinator (E), Outrigger Coordinator (E) and Voyageur Coordinator (O) and the Club Safety Officer (O) shall perform such duties as delegated by the Board of Directors.

To see the proposed changes in the context of the whole document check the link here.   Document is titled "Bylaws with proposed changes"  The proposed Bylaw changes resulted from a Bylaw comparison of 5 other clubs and associations. Check the link here for this table.  Table is titled "Bylaw Comparison".

Click for December Executive Minutes.  Password is flcc

Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC Executive

Red Deer River Badlands Voyageur Brigade 

Sue Tuttle has reserved two boat spots for FLCC on the 320 km Red Deer River Badlands Voyageur Brigade this summer.  The dates of the Brigade are July 5-11 and the paddle will start in Burbank and end at Dinosaur Provincial Park.  Costs have not been determined yet.

You can go to for more information. 

If you are interested please email Sue at as spots are limited.  We will hold a meeting sometime in January or early February to work out details.


Friends of Nancy Humphreys

Friends of Nancy Humphreys are now moving forward on the dedication of the commemorative bench at Tavistock Point on Brae Island. If anyone is interested in contributing to this project please contact Suzanne Waddell at 604 574-2229 or  We continue to be so grateful for all the love, support and prayers that were so generously given to 'our Nancy' as she faced her final journey.  We are blessed by such wonderful friendships.


Dragonboat Recruitment
Looking for a Team?  Looking for a Paddler?

Check out Dragonboat Recruitment.  Read or post your info.

Paddlers Wanted

Fast and Furious are looking for competitive minded women paddlers - no age restrictions! Practice twice a week.  Contact Jan.


GST  The club, last March, engaged an accountant, Rose Otteson, to file income tax for 2014.  Rose discovered that the club raised enough revenues to warrant paying GST.   She prepared a voluntary disclosure for us and it was accepted.  We received an invoice in December for the amount of $13 652.31 for the GST owing for the past 10 years.  It was approved by members of the executive to pay the whole amount as soon as possible so that the club does not incur any more penalties or interest. Money to pay for this came out of club funds.


Security Reminder

Security reminder: Please remember to turn the number dials on the lock box inside the boathouse after you've used the key to open the doors.


OC News

New Outrigger Canoe  At long last our new OC6 is almost ready for delivery.  Its anticipated completion is January 25th.    I will be on vacation but a member of the OC division has volunteered to follow up and receive the boat if it is completed on time.

Youth Program  Thanks to the Cloverdale Legion for their generous donation.  They provided the youth program with one thousand dollars to help with equipment needs.  It was nice to meet these people who work hard to help youth in athletic pursuits.  A thank you card has been sent to the legion on behalf of the club and program.  Members of the legion will be invited to watch the youth race at River Run as they have requested to see them in action.  I will also be working with parents to supply pictures and information on our youth paddlers in OC and DB as the legion would like to feature them in their national spring newsletter.  We have established a good relationship with this group and will work to keep in touch with them.  They have indicated that further support may be possible to the OC and DB youth program.

Boat Storage, and Club Fees  It is that time of year again annual fees are now due.

Boat Storage Fees:  If you have a boat stored in either the upper or lower storage area your fees are now due.

Upper Storage is $120 + $6 gst = $126    Lower Storage is $160 + $8 gst = $168

Privately owned OC1s are NOT for club use.  Members may sign out and use club-owned OC1s only.

Club Fees  Club fees were due January 1st.  Please pay these as soon as possible- you should not be paddling if you have not paid your dues.

OC sign sheets  Please ensure that you have signed out and indicated where you intend to paddle during your time on the water.  Entries in the log book are inconsistent.  It would be appreciated in you print clearly in the book so it can clearly identify who is paddling should an emergency occur.

Katherine Kettler, OC Coordinator