Freshet #58

December, 2014

Notes from FLCC Executive

Best wishes from your FLCC Executive to everyone this Holiday Season! Santa, with his merry elves was welcomed to Fort Langley via Dragon Boat to the great delight of a crowd of young and old!

The OC ‘s, after a long and arduous refit are now back on the water. Many, many thanks go to the members of the club who worked extremely hard to repair and paint the hulls, stain and varnish iako's reattach amas, and wax the two OC. Well done!! The FLCC cannot provide the amenities which club members use and enjoy throughout the year without the diligent VOLUNTEER efforts of many folks. It is appreciated!

Take care! Winter conditions! The docks are icy and slippery. Paddle safely with lights at night. A reminder that it is everybody’s job when on the docks to ensure all the boats moored are bailed of water, not just the one your crew is taking out. Arrive a little early to ensure this task is taken care of. A boat full of water is heavy and might sink in stormy conditions. Be prepared to receive a call or email, with very short notice, to shovel snow from the docks.

Bob Anderson has provided excellent information about  cold weather paddling in Cold Weather Effects on Paddlers. Check this link from our the FLCC Website. Winter paddlers must be very aware of the dangers of paddling in the cold. Thanks, Bob, for researching this for everyone.

Club member Sylvia Langmann has written a lovely story about her experiences this summer on the Yukon Quest voyageur race. Find her story here.

Cheryl McIntosh has volunteered to organize  the 2015 River Run OC races to be held in April. Please let Cheryl know that YOU are ready and willing to help with this large and exciting club event.

Put your thinking caps on…. Executive positions will be open for nomination at our coming AGM in March 2, 2015 at the Fort Langley Community Hall. Membership applications and payment must  be in the hands of the club Treasurer by February 20, 2015, latest, for the member to be able to vote at the AGM.  Can you give your club some of your time and expertise? The Executive is working hard at revising the Constitution and Bylaws so expect the official Notice of Motion to Revise the Club Bylaws in the January issue of The Freshet and on the website. 

Click for the October and November Executive minutes.  Password is flcc

Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC Executive


Club Fees

Happy December and Merry Christmas everyone.   January is quickly approaching. AVOID the rush and join up for 2015. The form is on-line, just download it, write your cheque for $80 and either mail it in, P.O. Box 1098, Fort Langley, V1M 2S4, or drop the form and cheque into either locked blue box in the cages at the DB dock or the paddle sport dock.   Remember to allocate your $41 to any division(s).

Paddlers storing boats in the upper or lower storage areas, please download the members private boat storage form and hand in or mail in your form and cheque. Payment is due January 1, 2015.

Club Members are reminded that people store their private boats in club storage facilities and that these boats are not for general use.

Steersperson needed

Dragon Alliance is looking for someone to steer for occasional Saturday morning paddles @ 10:00 am from now until April.  Please contact Gayle Brooks at if you can help.  Thank-you!


Thank you to all the volunteers under the direction of Cheryl MacIntosh and Carolyn Kessler, who worked so hard organizing and running the dragon boat races for the BC Senior Games.  Your hard work helped to promote our club in the province even more.  Fort Langley is well known locally and now it is known province wide for the great club that it is.

Thank you Terry Burke and his crew for overseeing and working so many long days on the dragon boat docks.  The new docks are amazing and that beaconing light is very welcome at night and right now in the early morning.   The club was able to save many thousands of dollars because of Terry's efforts.

OC News

Outrigger Fall Maintenance and Renewal Complete  Thanks to all those that worked so many hours in resorting the OC 's your hard work was amazing and very generous, and to all of the paddlers your patience while the boats were removed and renewed was greatly appreciated.   The boats were in dire need of serious maintenance with two having holes almost through the hulls. We would not have made it through the winter without the repairs being done.  This was a major safety concern which had to be addressed.  Minor work has been done on the boats in recent years but there has not been major restorative work in some time.

I am aware of the disruption this cause to paddlers and that many were unhappy with the boats being  taken out of service.  This was done at a time that had the least impact to the Outrigger teams as the racing season was slowing down.  The process to totally restore the boats took considerable time to complete as the volunteer group was small in number and steps in the process required others to be completed before moving on to the next phase.  In addition once the process reached the end stage the paint required a considerable time to cure before the boats could be returned to the water.  The iako's for the boats were also sanded, dried and refinished by a generous paddler who offered her basement for this purpose.  

I looked into the suggestions about having the work done professionally, but the time to do so would have been considerably longer and more costly, and would have left us without any boats for several more months. 

A maintenance plan is now been developed from the knowledge and experience gained from this exercise and will assist in minimizing future work needed on the boats. 

All boats are now back on the water and we would like to have a contest to provide names to the boats including the new boat which will arrive in January.  Watch for the contest on the FLCC site.

Club Paddles Many of the club's OC paddles have gone missing.  Please check and see if you may have one that you have forgotten to return.  These are next on the list of items to be refurbished as we need these for the youth program.  Donations of paddles no longer being used to the youth program would be greatly appreciated.

CORA news (Canadian Outrigger Racing Association)

I applied for and was fortunate to receive a repair and maintenance grant from CORA.  Money from this was used in the repair of the boats and purchase of additional paddles for the youth program now running in the outrigger division. 

River Run Outrigger races have been and are scheduled for the weekend of April 11 and 12, 2015.  Volunteers are being sought for the event, if you are interested please contact Cheryl McIntosh or the OC e-mail.

Funding - Grant Requests and applications for funding through other sources.  I have applied to several other organizations for funding to assist in coach development, youth program support and to help meet other needs of the OC Division.  I will advise as soon as decisions have been made in these areas.  There are many sources that are open to support growth in our programs within the OC Division and I have attempted to secure some additional support through these avenues.

Open Outrigger Program Pilot  A pilot of the open outrigger program has been initiated.  This is to demonstrate how this program will run and provide an opportunity for paddlers that do not belong to a team the ability to paddle on a consistent basis, which being a spare for one the existing groups will not provide.  Coaches will be required but to this date attempts to bring existing or potential coaches from within the club together have been unsuccessful. If you are interested being part of the pilot as a participant or a coach please let me know.

Katherine Kettler, OC Coordinator