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Year Round Paddling

Canada 150 Hope to Fort Langley Brigade
August 4th – 7th

Outline of proposed Trip:
Friday August 4 th Depart Hope to paddle to Seabird Island for Friday night.
Saturday Aug 5 th Morning paddle to Scowlitz Camp on the Harrison river for lunch and set up camp then explore Harrison River and tributaries on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday Aug 6 th Paddle to Mission Bridge campsite with side trips where possible.

Monday Morning 7 th paddle to Fort Langley airport to prepare for the costumed Brigade Arrival re-enactment at the Fort Langley National Historic Site at 1.00pm, and then proceed to the Fort for some food before recovering vehicles etc.

Enjoy a 4 day / 3 night canoe camping trip exploring the lower Fraser River and Tributaries.  Schedule Subject to change.
For further info please contact Janet

Freshet Rules 2017

Increased minimum number of paddlers required (from Boat Usage Policy)

  • DB:  16 experienced or 20 inexperienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • DB10:  8 experienced or 10 inexperienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • DB Buk: 12 experienced or 16 inexperienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson
  • Voyageur:  8 minimum including 4 experienced paddlers always with an experienced steersperson.
  • OC6:  5 experienced or 6 minimum inexperienced paddlers (also recommended for experienced paddlers) always with an experienced steersperson


Do not turn boats between red buoys and bridge.

  • DB – to return to Canoe Dock must pass under the north end of bridge, turn downstream of the bridge, then head upstream passing under the south end of bridge to return to the Canoe Dock.

Do not power under bridge as debris catches there – watch out for debris in the river.

Must line DBs and OCs to north side of docks

  • DB: Line boats to north side of dock for loading – return to north side for unloading and line boats back to moorage positions.
  • OC6: Must use downriver boat and line around the downstream end of dock, NOT the upstream end of dock before departing. Must return to the north side of dock, then line boats downstream back to mooring.
  • If the other boat is out upon your return you must line around the downstream end of the dock and move your boat to the upstream mooring position so the second boat can be brought around the downstream end of the dock when it returns.
  • Lines to move OCs are in the paddle bucket. After you move your boat around the dock please leave lines on Riverside dock while you are out in case another team needs the lines. Please put the lines back in the OC paddle bucket after you return.

Always leave and approach docks heading upstream.  Remember to use the current to carefully and slowly approach the dock

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