Interested in Dragonboating?
Interested in Kayaking?
Interested in Outriggering?
Interested in Voyageur?

Get your 2016 FLCC Membership now.  You can:
1.  Mail the completed form with a cheque to Box 1098, Fort Langley, BC, V1M 2S4
2.  Drop the completed form with a cheque into the dropbox in the chicken coop at the Canoe Dock
3.  Submit forms and cheques as a team
Click for 2016 Membership Application and Waiver 


LearnToPaddleCanoeing and Kayaking – Exciting paddling sports for all ages.

Coaching and encouragement, courses and programs are all available at the club. If you would like to see the action, speak to a member or try out one of the Canoeing disciplines,or visit us in Fort Langley, just next to the Jacob Haldi Bridge.