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What is an Outrigger?

An Outrigger Canoe (OC) is a traditional Polynesian canoe used mainly on the open ocean for fishing or traveling from island to island.  It consists of a long narrow hull with a pontoon, known as the ama, supported by two spars which are called iakos. The ama assists in the stability of the outrigger.

For the purpose of sport racing, an OC is usually configured to carry from one (OC-1) to six (OC-6) paddlers. OC-2 and OC-4 variants are sometimes used, but the 1 and 6 are by far the most popular for competition. Races can be short 1000 metre sprint races to very long, 25 miles or more, endurance races.

FLCC has 3 OC-6s for member use and currently 16 teams use them throughout the year. Several of our teams have entered local races. A list of OC regattas can be found on the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA) website. Many of the OC members are primarily Dragon boaters using the OCs in the off-season for cross-training purposes although some are realizing OC-ing as a sport unto itself.

Paddling Outrigger with Fort Langley Canoe Club

To paddle in a OC-6 or OC-1, you must be a FLCC member and have completed a “huli”. A huli is the recovery from a capsize and a test huli must be completed each year.
Huli clinics are held by the club several times throughout the summer & fall.

If you are interested in setting up or joining a team or for further information, please contact the Outrigger Coordinator.