Time Trials

“Paddlers – Are You Ready?”



  • Are you ready to get back on the water?
  • Do you want to get back to being race-ready?
  • Do you want to watch yourself improve your time over the next weeks and months?
  • Spring off the start line for this year’s rounds of FLCC virtual time trials – timed heats are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, at 9 AM.

Jump into a small boat and race virtually on one or all of the Club’s 3 courses.  Small boats of all types (OC1, OC2, V1, kayaks, C1, K1, etc.)  are invited to participate.

Even if you’ve never done a time trial, consider this an encouragement to get back into your small boat and onto the river. Don’t be shy. Have no fear!

As in all FLCC things, you will be encouraged, assisted, and your best efforts celebrated!

Try to beat your best time and submit your best results!  To submit your results, or if you have any questions, contact: