Outrigger News & Events

October 1:  Winter Season Starts. Book your boats for October to February with Joanne Bolam – Boat Coordinator.  Book your boats in September so you can be paddling in October. 

September 2:  Competitive Training Program Celebration.  If you were involved with the Competitive Training Program as a member, as a spare, or as someone interested, join us as we celebrate our CORA Cup Wins and plan for next year – beginning October 1



July 29:  Around Bowen Race – FLCC fielded a relay team of 12 paddlers to complete the challenging 32 km course. “Impressive,” commented a search and rescue volunteer, “big waves, challenging head winds, and shifty currents. Amazing.” It was. Our team punched out of Snug Cove first and led all the spec boats to the halfway point with the second crew carrying on to win in our mixed masters division.

July 22:  Three instead of One: On Saturday July 22, FLCC CTP MIXED 70+, FLCC CTP MIXED 60+, and FLCC CTP MIXED 50+ won CORA Cups for accumulating the most points in a series of four long distance Cora Cup races. The teams were formed from among the members of the Competitive Training Program. Coached by Sherry Hunt, members trained since January with a singular focus to win a Cora Cup. Members blended their individual techniques for a shared technique over dedicated time and practice. As the race season approached, time trials completed, Sherry selected the teams. Members committed to compete in four different races: Penticton, Vancouver, Comox, and Burnaby. At the Nationals (Burnaby), the 70+ and 50+ placed first in their categories and 60+ third in theirs. It was another great showing with each team securing a CORA Cup win. See 2023 Cora Cup Standings.