OC1 Usage Policy

OC1 Usage Policy


Two members are always required to move the OC1’s from storage onto the  Paddlesport Dock for assembly. Two members will lift the OC1 onto the water and after  the paddle, two paddlers will lift OC1 off the water and unto the dock. After dis assemble two members will put OC1 back in storage.  

You must always paddle in close proximity of another boat. It is accepted that one of  these boats may be privately owned or be an OC6.  

All OC1 paddlers must wear an approved PFD, use the tether and have gone through a training session on how to assemble a Hurricane, and have done a huli.  

It is the responsibility of each club member of the group to satisfy themselves that they  and all Members of the party are competent to paddle in the prevailing and expected  weather and river conditions.  

FLCC reserves the right to impose additional restrictions on use of OC1’s for any  reason. 

FLCC OC1s are not allowed out before sunrise, or after sunset, nor are they allowed out  when temperatures are -1; including wind-chill.  

Paddlers should carry a cell phone and understand the Emergency Pull-out spots. It is  recommended that they also carry a basic first aid kit, including a thermal blanket.