Huli Recovery

Huli Recovery

A huli is when your outrigger capsizes. It usually happens unawares and by accident. It could be caused by a big wave, a bad change over, a tight turn, or a steering miss. Because they happen at unexpected times, you need to know what to do to ensure your and everyone else’s safety.

We will train you. You will learn how to do it in your OC1 if you use club OC1s and with your OC6 team so that all of you can work in concert to expedite the recovery.  We believe it is so important for you and your team’s safety that we assess you and your team’s huli recovery skills each year through a huli quiz and an on-water assessment. Huli tests can be done anytime of the year but generally we invite teams and paddlers to do their  huli tests during the summer – usually in August. 

Huli’s happen. Be prepared!

Click here for Huli Quiz and Video.

We recommend watching the video, reading the material before doing the quiz.

“Book Your On Water Huli Test” form coming in 2024. 

Huli tests can be done anytime of the year but we try to do them in the summer when the water is warmer and the flow is slower.

Your 2023/4 Huli Training Team

The OCRep assigns team members to establish the huli recovery best practices, and approve teams for successfully completing a recovery. The team for 2023:

  • Joanne Bolam
  • Bob Anderson
  • Cheryl Bublitz
  • Mary Stardom
  • Jonathan Wilkins