Coach and Safety Boat Procedures & Rules

Coach & Safety Boats – Procedures & Rules

Members must Book Coach & Safety Boats

This info is sent out annually, as a reminder of rules and regulations for all of us who share the coach/safety boats. Please read thoroughly.

1. The following items must accompany you when operating the coach/safety boat:

  • Valid Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC)
  • Paddle (use Mohawk paddle – the one with aluminum shaft)
  • Noise making device – Pealess whistle attached to PFD recommended
  • Bailer
  • PFD
  • Throw bag
  • Orange Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit (includes 3 reflective blankets, flash light, pencil, whistle & 50’ nylon braided rope & float)
  • Cell phone and first aid it in waterproof bag
  • List of potential ambulance pick-up points
  • Safety Lights – the safety/coach boats are fitted with a red and green bow light and a 360 degree white light which is in a plastic tube in each boat.  White light is to be used if on the water after sunset or before sunset. Special permission is required by BoD.


2. Gas tanks are topped up weekly by designated club volunteers and coordinated by the club Member at Large (MAL). The purpose of a “designate” is to ensure that high octane gas is consistently used and our motors are protected from poor quality gas. Fill tanks in gravel area outside gas cage, not on docks, and replace in yellow container in cage after every use. Keep fuel line connector end clean (out of dirt) and be careful not to crimp fuel lines during use and storage. All contact surfaces are to be sanitized when accessing the gas cage and yellow container. Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are located in yellow container.

3. The Safety Boat Log Book is no longer required to be filled out as hour meters have been installed on all the motors. Any maintenance issues should still be noted and reported to the MAL.

4. SAFETY NOTE: when performing a rescue from water, shut motor OFF until person is safely in the boat. A Safety Ladder is attached to the transom for rescue from the water. The ladder is a 4 step telescoping ladder designed to allow for boarding at transom. During retrieval, the boat motor is to be turned off, operator to move to the bow of the boat to counter balance the weight.