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Bedford Channel Society


BCSLogoThe Bedford Channel Society operates boathouses and storage for the use of the local non-motorized watersports organizations and their members.  FLCC is one of four organizations using the facilities.  The other three are rowing groups which provide rowing and sculling opportunities for all ages.

Athlete Training Centre

The ATC is available for the exclusive use of the members of FLCC, FLYRS, FLCRC and the UFV rowing program.  More info…

The Riverside Community Room is NOT booked through the Bedford Channel Society.  See info below to book the Riverside Room.





Known Water Hazards
Deadheads and snags come and go in the channel and all boaters must be vigilant in watching for them.  Two known hazards exist but do not move:

1.  The area of turbulence/eddies at the eastern end of McMillan Island.  Navigating boats in this area may require strong paddling and steering.  Use caution.
2.  The rocks on the south side of the channel at the pipeline crossing.  These rocks are above surface during times of low water.  They can be quickly covered by incoming tidal activity or higher water.  Avoid this area!

Known Water Hazards 1