The FLCC Freshet

Newsletter #52, May 2014

Safety Message for OC6 users: please note that the Bradley is out of service until further notice for ama / iaku repair. The defect is not obvious -- please advise all crews and do not use the Bradley OC6. For sessions where all boats are in use, please be collegial and arrange shared use of the boats. Remember this affects us all!

Remember, Freshet Rules are in effect!

Notes from the Executive . . . . . 

Club Communications: How do club members communicate with one another? Let’s count the ways! FLCC is blessed with a number of vibrant communication platforms, each with a different role and purpose.
     Want your daily fix of pics and up to the minute snippets of info, visit the FLCC Facebook page. You do not have to be a Facebook member to enjoy Bob Anderson’s beautiful parade of changing photos of club activities. Check it out!  Facebook members also enjoy making comments and viewing the ever-growing album of club photos.
     For a more substantial club communication tool, you can’t beat our refreshed website,, where you can enjoy reading about our Divisions/teams. Of course forms, boat booking calendars, safety info, all that good stuff are well-organized on the website too.
     Our Newsletter, newly named The Freshet, records our Club’s successful events. The Freshet is archived on our website and becomes part of our club history.  
     Send in materials for the The Freshet by the 10th of the month for midmonth publication to Charles.  You may unsubscribe from the The Freshet. The Club’s bulletin, called The Bedford Channel Bulletin, advises members of unsafe paddling conditions. Members are asked not to unsubscribe from the Bedford Channel Bulletin. Individual Divisions may also, from time to time, distribute News Flashes that direct Division information quickly and effectively to the folks who need it.  Questions, (such as what is the password to our new “Member’s only page?”), not answered by the FLCC website or other means? Contact an executive memberfor help. 

Club Volunteers: The first quarter of the FLCC paddling year has been surprisingly busy. A legion of volunteers ensured events such as the February  AGM, a Willowbrook Mall display, River Run OC Races, Dragon Boat “try it for the day”, and the Spring Paddler’s Classic were a huge success. Thank you! Volunteers have been busy attending to other matters too. The docks were cleared of snow, logs moved away from the river pilings, dock leases and new dock designs analyzed, a new BUK unloaded, a damaged OC repaired, Dragon boats washed, and safety supplies inventoried. Many small and large tasks were completed by FLCC volunteers with a smile this spring. Thank you!

Cranberry Race Day in October is a fun filled day for hundreds of participants and an important fund raiser for our club. Unfortunately, our volunteer organizer for the upcoming Cranberry Race Day in October has stepped down to due health concerns. A volunteer is URGENTLY needed to step in as the overall Cranberry Race Event coordinator for the Cranberry Race day to go ahead this year as planned. In addition to the overall Cranberry Race Event  coordinator; four key volunteer positions, Volunteer Coordinator ( communicates with day of event volunteers), Voyageur coordinator ( trailers boats into place and returns them), Safety coordinator ( arranges safety boats for race day), Land facilities coordinator ( arranges for tents, tables) AND Race Day coordinator ( sets race route and organizes the steers meetings on the day) are open and need eager folks to step up and help the overall coordinator  with event planning. Cranberry Race Registrar, Sue Tuttle and her assistant, Shelia Thomson, are ready and eager to go, as are many volunteers, who have already signed up for Race day duties such as dock leader, marshall or announcer. If you can help (or grab a friend and share a position!) as the overall Cranberry Race Day coordinator or one of the four key volunteers, contact the Commodore
Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC executive


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the FLCC.  All members are expected to help out.  How are you helping your Club this summer?

"Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS!"  . . . . author unknown

Volunteers Needed

BC Seniors Games is being held in Langley on September 9-13, 2014.

FLCC is hosting the Dragon Boat competition on September 11th and 12th.

In order for us to host a successful Dragon Boat competition, we are in need of volunteers to run this competition.

We are appealing to our FLCC members, family and friends to volunteer for this event.  If you are available to volunteer, you can register on the BC Seniors Games website and select the dragonboating sport or contact Wendy at for a Volunteer Registration Form.

CORA Sprints at Burnaby Lake

April 27, 2014

FLCC outrigger teams are competing at a number of races/regatta’s.  Here are the results from the CORA Canadian National Sprint Regatta 2014


OC6 500 M WOMEN                         Category          Time
Pemberton                                           Open               2.26
FGPC Gorge                                       SM                   2:36
FGPC Gorge                                       GM                   2:41

OC6 500 M Men
One West Bros before Hut Hoes       Open              2:07
FCRCC Kupuna Kane                        SM                  2:27
FLCC Rio Fraser                                 GM                  2:22

OC1 500 M Women
Leanne Stanley                                    Open              2.38
Shirly Curtis                                          SM                  3.05
Shirly Curtis                                          GM                  3.00
Pat Pawlett                                            Kupuna          3.06

OC1 500 M Men
Elias de Valle                                      Open               2.25
Richard Parriot                                    Master             2:38
Peter Methot                                         SM                   7:40
Darell Smith                                         GM                   2.40

OC6 1000 M Women
Pemberton                                            Open               5.35
FLCC New Crew                                 SM                   5.22
FCRCC Aqua Mater                            GM                  6.04

OC6 1000 M Men
One West Before Hut Hoes                Open               4.50
FCRCC Kupuna Kane                        SM                   5.30
FCRCC Kupuna Kane                        GM                   5.25

FLCC's New Crew was first in 1000 M Women.

If OC individual racers and teams could provide information of events they attend and results for us to share that would be terrific.  Please contact the OC coordinator.

Salmon River Voyageur Paddle & Potluck

April 26, 2014

Voyageur trips are open to all FLCC members.  Watch the website and facebook pages for upcoming events and scheduled paddles.  Contact the Voyageur Coordinator for info.

Abreast With Fortitude dragon boat team save drowning man’s life

Click here for the story & video

Paddlers Wanted

Fort Fusion is looking for spares for the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Regatta, July 5th & 6th. Please contact Melodie Schwartzman at (778) 840-1012 or if you are interested.

Security Reminders

Gates on the Paddle Sport Dock and on the Dragon Boat Dock have been left unlocked on several occasions.   The last person must lock all gates and if not sure if you are the last, then DO lock the gate, others can always unlock it. The FLCC has many valuables and we don't want them stolen. Thank you!

Coach & Safety Boats:  Please be careful as you navigate between and around your team’s boats. The 10 kph/no-wake rule refers to all boats out on the Bedford Channel.

No one enjoys dealing with boat wake during a practice, but it is particularly dangerous because of swamping hazards for small boats (kayaks, OC1s, rowing shells, etc.).  Please be vigilant about and aware of others using the channel during your practice and keep them safe from boat wake.