The Freshet, #60

February 10, 2015


 Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the

Fort Langley Canoe Club

 will be held on

MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015 7:30PM

Doors open at 6:30pm-please register by 7:15pm
Fort Langley Community Hall – 9167 Glover Road

i. To receive the financial statements for the financial year ended December 31, 2014 and the report of the reviewer of finances.
ii. To consider and, if thought fit, to approve the adoption of the financial budget for the period January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 as presented by the Directors.
iii. To receive the annual reports
iv. To consider items brought forward at the 2014 AGM: membership fees, youth boat usage fees, the bylaw revisions
v.To elect the Directors for the forthcoming term

(Notice:  Cecelia Welk, Secretary, Fort Langley Canoe Club)

AGM Documents

The following documents are displayed below and at  The password is flccagm

No need to print documents (other than proxy) as paper copies will be available at the AGM.

2014 - 2015 Report from the Commodore
2015 Nominees information
2015 Notice of Motion
2015 FLCC AGM Proxy
2015 FLCC AGM Agenda

The following documents are displayed at  The password is flccagm

2014 AGM Minutes
2015 Financials

Annual River Run Regatta
April 11th & 12th

 It's that time again and the Club needs your help to make this annual event a success.  If you can help please fill out this volunteer form.

You don't have to be an OC paddler to help so lend a hand at FLCC's premier OC regatta!!!

Sprint Division Looking for New Head Coach

FLCC is seeking an exceptional individual to fill the full time position of Head Coach - Sprint Division, based in Fort Langley, in the beautiful Fraser Valley of BC. More info........

Bedford Channel Society - Using the Athlete Training Centre

The ATC is up and running and available for the exclusive use of the members of FLCC, FLYRS, FLCRC and the UFV rowing program.  More info . . . 

The Pacific International Kayak Association has invited  author Sanford Osler to their club meeting April 8th, to give a talk on Canoes and Kayaks.  Osler will also have some books for sale. 
Members of the Fort Langley Canoe club are invited to attend this special event held in Langley, April 8, 7:30 pm.  If FLCC members are interested in attending please  RSVP to to get location.There is  space for a maximum of 30 visitors from the FLCC.

The 34th Annual Voyageur Paddle for the Kids 

The Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club’s Annual Voyageur Paddle For The Kids raises funds in support of the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities (Camp Shawnigan). The Paddle entails the circumnavigation of the Saanich Peninsula from Brentwood Bay to the Gorge Waterway – 80 kilometres - 10 to 12 hours. Lion's Clubs provide food, bus transportation and warm, dry rest areas along the route. The paddle will take place this year on Saturday March 28th.

For info click here and here

A FLCC contingent is planning to participate.  Contact Debbie for more info. 

Dragonboat Team Recruitment

Looking for Paddlers?  Looking to Paddle?

Go to and add your blurb

The Beaver Canoe Club of Burnaby is offering a Basic Paddlers (Lakewater Tandem) Course: theory on Wednesday, 22 April and on-the-water lessons and practice, Saturday, 25 April and Saturday, 1 May.

Taught by certified instructors in a ratio of seven students or less, learn manoeuvring strokes, canoe-over-canoe rescues, and cold-water safety precautions.

Registration begins April 1s for members  ($20 annual fee).

Contact:  or visit

OC News

New Outrigger Canoe  The new OC6 has arrived and will be launched soon. 

Naming contest for Outriggers  Watch for the Outrigger naming contest - coming soon.

Year in reflection and what is needed moving forward:  I have learned a great deal as a member of the executive this past year.  Here are some thoughts on what is required to make the division run better.

The Outrigger Division needs to be run by a committee that is struck at the beginning of each year.  There are far too few volunteers for the amount of work required to be done.  A volunteer position is just that - gear your expectations to that fact. we are not paid to be on call every day and life happens.  Many of us are not retired and have active challenging careers still in full swing.   A volunteer should not be harassed, bullied or badgered.  Having said all of that here is a suggestion for committee roles -

Coordinator - boats
Coordinator - docks
OC Booking Coordinator - OC 1, OC 6
Huli drill coordinator
Youth Coordinator
OC general membership and e-mail list coordinator
Boat Storage Manager
River Run Committee

Perhaps there should be more but this is just some thoughts on how this would help the division work more effectively.

For Sale:  BARE Wet Suit, Size 18, used twice. Paid $220 Asking $100 Call 

2014-2015 Year End Report from the Commodore

As my term draws to a close I would like to remark upon the successes, challenges and problems of the past year. Top on the list of successes was the successful completion of the new Canoe docks. This project was shepherded beautifully all the way by the Dock Improvement Project Committee( DEPC).

Also highly successful was the complete rebranding of the FLCC image in all media. A new web site, and our new newsletter, The Freshet were refreshed with a striking new logo. The change in image has been made to all club forms, club apparel, signage and display feathers and on the club Facebook page.

All divisions successfully hosted a wide range of events from regattas, races, Brigade Days, Seniors Games, Cranberry races, the Christmas Dragon boat parade to displays at community events. Teams and individual paddlers of the Dragon Boat, OC and Flat Water sprint divisions acquitted themselves wonderfully at all levels from the local to the international scene. These successes were very well reported in local newspaper media as well on the Club website, in the club newsletter, The Freshet and on its Facebook page. The breadth of the personal successes of the FLCC members and FLCC teams was truly astonishing!

The club also welcomed a new Dragon boat into our little flotilla, with a new OC ready to be delivered imminently.

No discussion of success can be complete without a tip of the paddle to the many, many volunteers which made things happen for, and behalf of the FLCC. As Commodore, I would specifically like to thank this year’s executive for the time and energy spent working on the club’s behalf. It was a difficult task, with a steep learning curve, to take on the duties of each position but the 2014-2015 FLCC executive has accomplished a great deal in our short time together.

The executive made the decision early on to enlist the help of a certified accounting professional. The result of this action was the discovery that the club owed GST in past years. This was certainly a fiscal challenge as the tax and accounting bills were significant. Please take a look the budget to review the club’s GST liability.

The Minutes of the 2014 AGM presented several other challenges as the executive was directed to look at A Plan for Officer Succession. The Club Constitution and Bylaws were examined and proposed changes will be voted upon at the upcoming AGM March 2 to address succession.

Another challenge presented at the 2014 AGM was to encourage volunteerism. The FLCC is not a homogeneous group of paddlers. There is a very wide range of interests, backgrounds, attitudes and abilities within the membership. As a result, a few members have been quick to criticize the work and efforts of others. The number of complaints received from this small group, on wide range of topics, was overwhelming at times. Complaining is counterproductive to recruiting and retaining volunteers within an organization. Everybody brings different skills to the table and has a different way of accomplishing things. Every club member should ask themselves very carefully what they have done to solve the problem first, before taking the complaint further. The FLCC is a volunteer organization; no one gets

paid to sit on committees, prepare minutes, write checks, balance books, organize events, arrange for signage, purchase PFD’s, new boats, club insurance, club apparel, enter info into PATrac, edit newsletters, write articles, prepare webpages, organize canoe trips, prepare schedules, and so on. It is all very time consuming stuff; every one of us would really rather be outside paddling, but each of us has taken our turn and volunteered. So, it is your turn NOW! Work within the organization to make the changes you would like to see by running for election. Every position is up for election. Come to the AGM, VOTE, and thank the 2014- 2015 executive for their hard work on your behalf. VOLUNTEER in 2015! 

The following members have stepped forward and are running for the FLCC Executive.

 Commodore:  Cheryl MacIntosh

Nominator: Susan Murray      Seconder: John Spencer

Many FLCC members will know that I have a long history with the club – participating in and organizing voyageur trips, coaching dragon boat, and paddling outrigger canoes, and leading recreational kayak outings. When I joined FLCC it was a small sprint kayak and voyageur club. I was involved in the purchase of our first DBs and OCs - and have seen a lot of growth since. I have served on the FLCC board for many years in numerous positions, stepping down in 2014. I continued to volunteer in 2014, including co-chair to organize the DB racing at the BC Senior Games in Fort Langley, running the 2014 Voyageur Cranberry Races, and am currently organizing the 2015 FLCC River Run Outrigger regatta. I was also on the Dock Expansion Committee to complete the Canoe Dock expansion, and am now on the Upstream Committee to investigate the possible expansion into Glen Valley. I am involved in organizing the 2015 Voyageur Brigade trip and have already committed to coach three FLCC dragon boat teams for another fun season. FLCC is a fabulous club with much to offer.

I have agreed to stand as commodore in 2015 for one year. With succession in mind I will offer my experience to the board with the understanding that John Spencer, who is standing for Vice in 2015, will stand for Commodore in 2016. He was appointed Vice by the executive in 2014 and wants to gain more experience before standing for commodore, which I can appreciate. The club is large and diverse, with four divisions each with distinct needs, and the executive needs to provide the leadership and direction to ensure the club continues to develop to meet these ever-changing needs.

Vice Commodore:  John Spencer

Nominator: Susan Murray, Seconder: Maureen Spencer

John was appointed vice- commodore in October after Connie Thompson resigned September 30. If elected, as vice –commodore, John plans to complete the FLCC’s strategic plan in consultation with each division. He paddles OC and is currently a member of the FORTified Dragon Boat team. John is also the land manager of Titanium and looks forward to working with this competitive women’s team in their quest to medal at the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships in Welland, Ontario, later this year.

Treasurer:  Sue Tuttle                  

Nominator: Sharon Good,     Seconder: Cheryl MacIntosh

I have been a member of the Fort Langley Canoe Club since the early 2000s when I noticed a voyageur canoe on the river and thought it looked like so much fun. 

I have paddled in voyageur canoes locally and down many rivers, paddled in an OC6 and in my own OC1, and have been on FLCC dragon boat teams from the start, even before the club had one!  I have enjoyed the paddling but  the friendships even more.    As club treasurer, I have taken on the challenge of learning to use QuickBooks and doing journal entries.  Who says learning a new language is the only way to keep your brain active and young!!  I could not have done this job without the continuing mentorship of Cheryl MacIntosh.

Secretary: Cec Welk

Nominator: Kathy Nelson               Seconder: Carolyn Kessler

I became a member of the FLCC in 2009 to pursue my desire to dragon boat and voyageur. The FLCC has provided me the opportunity to increase my physical fitness, meet a wonderful group of avid paddlers and become more involved in my community. I am committed to working hard to promote the paddle sports in Langley through the FLCC.

 I joined the Chicks Ahoy in 2009 and was involved in the inception of the Fraser Dragons in 2010. I continued to paddle on Fraser Dragons, both winter and summer until the end of 2013. I have joined FLCC Phoenix, our recreational senior women team for the 2014 season.   I volunteer at the Fun Regattas, the Rivers Run OC Regatta, Brigade Days, as well as the Cranberry Festival.  I have been an active volunteer for a variety of club functions including cleaning of boats, docks and other club activities such as the club social. I have been secretary of FLCC since November 2011.  As a member of the FLCC, I support FLCC initiatives to promote paddle sports for all age groups within our community. I am committed to the development of short and long term strategic plans for all disciplines within the FLCC.  I enjoy all types of paddle sports and hope to encourage new paddlers to participate in the ongoing success of our club. The FLCC has become an important part of my life and I look forward to the upcoming year of paddling and improving our facilities.

Safety Officer:  Bob Anderson

Nominator: Cheryl Bublitz               Seconder: Jonathan Wilkins

Bob Anderson has been an FLCC member since 2010 and is a keen dragon boat, outrigger and voyageur canoe paddler.  He has been the club’s Safety Officer for the past 6 months and in the past 3 years volunteered at events in all paddling disciplines as well as River Run (OC) and Cranberry (voyageur canoe) races. Over the past 2 years he has helped administer the club’s and the FORTified’s DB team’s Facebook pages. 

He is running for Safety Officer with a view to helping to set club safety policy and members paddle safely.  This is an outgrowth of part of his responsibilities ensuring safe working conditions for his field geology crews and long-time (and current) Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications.

Dragonboat Coordinator:  Denise Crook

Nominator: Paula McCallum                 Seconder: Frank Cox 

I was born in PEI and as a Military dependent I was privileged to spend my formative years in PEI, Alberta and Nova Scotia.  I moved to BC in 1985 and it was here I had my family and found my true passion. My first introduction to DB was in 1998 with Canadian Construction Women in False Creek.   In 2006 I took on coaching duties with CCW as well as team management and paddler duties. Moving to Maple Ridge from Coquitlam was the catalyst for finding a club that was closer and Fort Langley fit that bill. One of my paddlers from CCW had relocated to FLCC so when Fort Fusion was looking for a coach she suggested they ask me - and I accepted the challenge.  I relinquished my coaching duties with CCW in 2010 to focus all of my attention in Fort Langley.  In 2012 I began working with Fort Fury as a technical and conditioning coach, and when possible with Team Vengeance. This is my eighth season with Fort Fusion and I have loved every minute of it.  I not only coach them but I am their drummer as well - they just can’t enough of this voice. I enjoy paddling and coaching new comers at Sunday DB drop-ins and paddle OC6 on Sunday mornings.  I am looking forward to many more years of involvement with this club and building on the membership and programs that we have. 

Flatwater-Sprint Co-ordinator:  Grant Rawstron              

Nominator: Marlene Hoyt                               Seconder: Kelley Fripps Cheung

Grant Rawstron first became a board member in 1996 and has been involved with the club continuously since then. His focus has been Sprint Kayaking, originally supporting his son’s interest,  and gradually developing his own  interest in that and other canoe disciplines. Presently paddles OC and Sprint Kayak year round and enjoys Voyageur brigade trips. HE has also served on provincial and national sprint canoe organizations for a number of years. He looks forward to welcoming the new board members to the table to further develop the club activities.

Outrigger Canoe Coordinator:  Katherine Kettler           

Nominator: Tammy Farrer   Seconder: Charles Kettler

I have been a member since 2007.  I put my name forward to help the OC program grow in the way that dragon boating and other paddling disciplines within FLCC have done.  To foster the growth of an inclusive program that will provide the levels of paddling for everyone and that will encourage involvement whether they seek recreational or competitive paddling. When I began paddling with FLCC the club was very small and the dragon boat program had very few teams. It has grown so much in such a short time, I hope together we can build the OC program to be as successful.

 Since joining FLCC I have paddled Dragon boat with Fort Fusion, as well as sparing for various women's teams such as Fort Fury and Paddler Pushers and have also paddle as a member of the senior women's team at the BC senior's games.  In addition I have paddled OC for 4 years - as well as canoeing and kayaking for many years.   I participate in many other sports and have been a board member in other sporting organizations in the past such as the Langley Mustangs Track and Field club.

Outrigger Canoe Coordinator:  Gralin Doubleday

Nominator: Glenn Howes      Seconder: Cec Welk

History & Qualifications

• Club member since 2007

• Member-at-Large 2008

• OC Rep 2009, 2012, 2013

• DB Rep 2010

• Served on Dock Committee 

• Organized and paddled the 2010 FLCC DB trip to San Francisco

• Organizer and Committee member of our annual OC Regatta, "The River Run"

• Competed in many OC Races over the last few tears including the Length of the Lake 100 km Relay Race & The Howe Sound Challenge.   FLCC CORA (Canadian Outrigger Racing Association) Club Rep 2013-2015

• CORA Board Member, 2014 – Recording Secretary, 2015 – President                  

Club Vision

• Belief in a strong unified club where all divisions and members share in its combined success.            

Discipline Goals

• Move forward with skills and race development initiatives to assist new and experienced OC'ers develop their outrigger technique.

• Continue to help organize and hold the River Run OC Regatta in an ongoing basis.

• Broaden the paddling goals of the members & to fascilitate more local and international racing.

• Represent FLCC in good standing with CORA.

• Promote & Grow the sport of OC with the club and the community.

Voyageur Coordinator:  Debbie Scott

Nominator:  Julie Kell         Seconder Janet: Megahy

I joined  the FLCC in 2007 with the dragon boats. It was not long after that I saw the voyageur canoes and tried it and liked the adventurous paddles. I have helped arrange several trips including one to the Gulf Islands and many others. I would love to be the coordinator for the voyageurs. 

Member-at-Large:  Jonathan Wilkins

Nominator:  Vicki Whiteley           Seconder: Betty Stockli

May I first apologise for not being able to attend the 2015 AGM.  When we booked our accommodation, almost a year ago, Allie and I presumed that the AGM would again be held in February.  Where are we?  In Maui, getting OC6 experience in big waves.

I joined FLCC in 2007 and served on the Executive from 2009 to 2014 as either Vice Commodore or Member at Large. For almost all of that time, I produced the monthly Newsletter, built and maintained the website, managed the membership database and the email communications (sending an average of 57 per year to all members). I was the club Safety Officer until 2013.

Even though not on the exec this last year, I have still been an active member of:

• the Docks Expansion Committee – mainly working with Provincial and Township bodies

• the Upstream Committee – which is looking into additional locations

• the organising committee for the River Run and for the new OC1 Fall Race

• the Township’s Recreation, Culture, and Parks Advisory Committee – pressing for continued improvement of facilities

• the Township’s Community and Transport Safety Advisory Committee – I am the Chair - pressing for river safety, especially information for the users of motorized boats

• the Bedford Channel Society - I am the President – providing facilities such as the Athlete Training Centre, Boathouses and storage facilities.

 I have attended the AGMs of Dragon Boat Canada and the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association.

 But I am a club member to paddle !!!  You may know that I raced in the DB Club Crews in Ravenna, Italy last year. But to do that – and to win Gold – I had to join the False Creek club. This is simply because we have not yet managed to build a big enough squad of Mixed Senior C (60+) paddlers from which we can competitively select the team to represent all of FLCC.  We have been trying to build this squad for the last few years but we just do not attract enough men that can commit to the team. We are currently trying again and our sights are set on the PanAm DB10 champs. I will continue to work on this competitive development.

  also race both OC1 and OC6, and I am keen to see the Race Development programs provide equitable access to a Competitive team representing FLCC at the highest levels.  I still enjoy Voyageur paddling and sometimes lead a trip, but I have still not paddled a kayak here.

Going forward, I am also determined to ensure that recreational paddling and “CompRec” racing in all types of boats are available to all members, too. These are the backbone of our club and are, I believe, a key reason for the great social atmosphere that we all enjoy in Fort Langley.  


Notice of Motion

Be advised that this constitutes the official notice of motion to update the Fort Langley Canoe Club’s Constitution and Bylaws at the upcoming AGM. The FLCC Executive proposes the following revisions, additions and deletions:

Remove: “For the purposes of having a vote at a general meeting or annual meeting, the member’s application forms, together with the cleared funds for the payment of the membership fee, must have been presented to the appointed membership registrar at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting”

Revise: “(3) A quorum is (remove 15%) 10% of the members eligible to vote, but never less than 5 persons.

Remove: “Each voting member present may carry a maximum of 9 proxies.”

Remove: “(4) Voting by proxy is permitted, provided the proxy is in writing and is carried by another voting member in good standing. A member may carry a maximum of nine proxies.”

Add: “(3) All Executive members are elected for two year (2) terms. One-half of the Executive membership is elected in alternate years. Those designated (E) are to be elected in even years, those (O) are to be elected in years ending with an odd number.

Revise: (4) Decisions resulting in non-budgeted expenditures over (Remove $1,000) $5,000 must be approved at a general meeting of members.

Add: 43. The Dragon Boat Coordinator (O), Flatwater-Sprint Coordinator (E), Outrigger Coordinator (E) and Voyageur Coordinator (O) and the Club Safety Officer (O) shall perform such duties as delegated by the Board of Directors. 

Click for 2015 AGM Proxy


 Monday, March 2, 2015    7:30 pm

Doors open 6:30 pm – Please register before 7:15pm

 Fort Langley Community Hall (upper hall)

9167 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC

 * * * * * 


I.         WELCOME
. . . . . . . . . Minutes of FLCC AGM February 17, 2014

. . . . . . . . . Financial Statements – Budgets - Expenditures
..                UPSTREAM proposal

. . . . . . . . .1. Membership Fees
. . . . . . . . . . . . Fee Increase
. . . . . . . . . . . . Youth Boat Usage Fees
. . . . . .. . . 2. Bylaw Revisions
. . . . . . . . . .. . .21 day clause
. . . . . . . . . . . . Quorum
. . . . . . . . . . . . Executive Term of Office
..                      Non-budgeted expenditures
..                      Coordinators