The Freshet

Newsletter #55, August 2014


Notes from the Executive . . . . . 

Congratulations to all the FLCC paddlers who raced in the Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna from everyone in the Fort Langley Canoe Club!  Results here

Congratulations to the successful FLCC teams who participated in the BC Senior Games. Many thanks to Cheryl MacIntosh and Carolyn Kessler, chief organizers on behalf of the FLCC, and also to the legion of club members and supporters who volunteered their time and energy to make the BC Senior Games a reality. An excellent job!! Results here.

By the time this is posted in The Freshet, work on our new FLCC “harbour” should be underway on the riverfront as September 15 is the official start date. Thanks again to the DEPC (Dock Improvement Project Committee) for the labour of love that has made this improvement happen. Many thanks to Terry Burke and crew for completing the electrical installation in advance of the dock work. Be prepared for significant dock disruption until all the bugs are worked out. Your patience is appreciated.

Upcoming on the last weekend in September is the last event of the sprint paddling season. The Pacific Cup and the Bantam/Masters Championships, which will be held at Whonnock Lake, is the largest regatta of this type in the PNW. Athletes 15 and under and mature (aged over 35) paddlers from all over BC, Washington and Oregon will be attending. Our FLCC sprint youth group has worked very hard in anticipation of this event all season while the more senior athletes have the Canadian National Championships as their goal. Good luck to everyone!

A reminder that volunteers are still needed Cranberry Day Races October 11. Please contact Cheryl McIntosh if you are able to help out!

Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC Executive


OC News

Bill Cowie, Pete Methot, and Pat Barker, are offering a dry land steering course on Friday, September 26th (7pm - 8:30pm). To register, and get further details, contact Pat at: or at 604-888-0721.

Team Holo Nui looking for competitive paddlers for the Fall/Winter season. Experience not necessary, just a desire to paddle hard, and have fun. Contact Pat at for more information.


Dragonboat News

Well gang, things are now winding down for the season. August and September have been crazy busy months.

I want to say a huge thanks to all of the Volunteers who stepped up with the Corporate and school outings this season. These events can be a little trying at times but you all handled them fantastically.
Glenn Howes, Cheryl MacIntosh, Joyce May, Mary-Beth Fry, Maureen Spencer, John Spencer, Dan Peebles, Melodie Schwartzman, Janice Dusome, Nance Charron, Carolyn Kessler, Ruth Bedell, Sandra Cameron, Judy Holzle, Bev O'Conner, Charlene Brunjes, Karen Morley, Alison Goertzen, Cec Welk, Linda Pound, Sara Strachen, Andy Walman, Connie Blundy, Marlene Brooks, Wendy Brower. (Hope I didn't miss anyone!) So much help and it was greatly appreciated.

Then of course the Volunteers from the teams that came out to the July Boat cleaning and the group that stepped up to clean the 616's before the Seniors Games. Amazing group! you guys ROCK!.

We have the new docks scheduled to go. That will be amazing! I don't have an exact timetable but the Dock Expansion Committee have been busy bees! Terry Burke and his crew have been running cables for the electric lights that are to be installed on the new docks....yup that's right people! The dock will be lit up! YA!!!   Ok...a little excited there. LOL. Anyway, Bluewater is scheduled to be in this week to drive the new dolphins into the river bed and attach the new dock fingers. It will be a thing of beauty! The 616's are being pulled from the water this week and after the Sept 28th cleaning the old BUK will follow suit. That will leave the millennium, the new BUK and the Swift on the water for the winter paddling. I will be getting some work done on the 616's and the BUK sometime this winter. Depending on the budget it may be just one 616 but we shall see what develops. It depends on how much work they actually need done. (Cross your fingers)

The Sunday drop in is set to resume in October. Cec Welk has offered to take this on so look for her emails starting at the end of the month.

Denise Crook, DB Coordinator


Brigade Days

We had a very successful re-enactment for this year's Brigade Days on Monday, August 4th on one of the warmest days of the summer! We left Fort Langley in three boats in the morning, paddled upstream to Glen Valley Park where we stopped for an early lunch and to put on our costumes. Then, we headed down towards Fort Langley. We were joined at the airport by the York boat. A large crowd of on-lookers and staff from the Fort greeted us on shore. We followed the piper up to the Fort where there was a short ceremony to greet the weary travellers. Thank you to all of those who participated - this event could not have happened without your support. Also, thank you to Jonathan, Glenn, and Cheryl for steering the boats.


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