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Newsletter #55, August 2014


Notes from the Executive . . . . . 

The FLCC membership wishes our three Dragon Boat teams: Abreast with FORTitude, Fast and Furious and Titanium success in their quest for gold at the upcoming Club Crew World Championships. The teams will be departing for Ravenna, Italy at the end of August with the championship races held the first week of September. Go FLCC Go!

Due to the absence of three FLCC executive members (Commodore, Vice Commodore and Treasurer who will be attending the CCWC Italy event) Denise Crook, FLCC Dragon Boat coordinator, has graciously agreed to be acting commodore for the period August 29- September 20. Please contact Denise at if immediate attention is required.  Treasurer matters requiring immediate action can be sent to Cheryl at

July 2014 Executive minutes here.   Password = flcc

Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC executive


In Memoriam. . . 

A celebration of Nancy's life will be held at 4:00, September 1st at the Fort Langley Community Hall.





Volunteers Needed for Senior Games & Cranberry Races

The BC Seniors Games are being held in Langley on September 9-13, 2014.  FLCC is hosting the Dragon Boat competition on September 11th and 12th.

We are appealing to our FLCC members, family and friends to volunteer for this event.  If you are available you can register on the BC Seniors Games website at and select the dragonboating sport or contact Wendy at for a Volunteer Registration Form.

Help out  with the Cranberry Races, October 11!  Contact Cheryl at


Ravenna, Italy 2014


After many months of practices and planning, Abreast with FORTitude, Fast and Furious and Titanium are off to Italy within days to participate in the International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championships! The teams will be arriving in Ravenna, Italy on August 31st. Practice sessions are booked for each team to  acclimatize to the channel course and to the Italian weather. The teams will participate in a grand Opening Ceremony on September 2nd and  races commence on September 3rd! Each team will race in 200, 500 and 2,000 meter races.

There will be web streaming live coverage of the CCWC. You may view it at:


Abreast with FORTitude, Fast and Furious and Titanium are very excited about competing in the 2014 Club Crew World Championships! 

Paddles Up!!


OC News

That time of year is upon us - the Huli drills have begun in preparation for winter paddling.  Anyone wanting to OC must complete the Huli drill unless granted a medical exemption by the executive.  This is for both OC1 and OC 6 paddling.

Please note that the Bradley outrigger is NOT to be used for Huli drills

There are several options available for completing the Huli drill.

1. With you team during part of your practise time.  Request one of the individuals that are designated to certify the completion of the Huli.

2. During open club Huli drill's - times to be posted on the website along with a sign up option.

3. For OC 1 huli - this may be done either during the open Huli drill or one on one with an individual certified to lead this.

Times that drills may be done where boats are not booked:

Most weekdays before 4pm - times below for evening  and weekend drills
Monday:  1 boat only available at 6:30
Tuesday: 1 boat only at 5 and 6:30
Wednesday: all boat from 5-6:30
Thursday: 1 boat only at 5:00 and 6:30
Friday: open
Saturday:  after noon
Sunday: after noon

The open club drills will be listed on Facebook and under Huli on the website.  There will also be a list of those designated to certify the drills.

Please note - You must also complete the online Huli quiz and bring alone a towel and change of clothes.

Come try Outrigger Canoe

Want to try something new?  Interested in giving OC a try?  Simply send the OC coordinator an e-mail  and you will be advised of when opportunities to come try paddling an OC either with a team or at a group trial.


CONGRATS!  Between individual and team races Doug Kazakoff won three medals this week in Rio Va’a Spring Competition in Rio, Brazil!  Wish we had pics Doug.


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