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Silver Dragons

Fridays, 5:30 – 6:30  Meet at 4:30                Contact Dianne

We were all strangers when we met

The Silver Dragons are a 70+ team and some very close to 80 years young.  None of us had any experience! None of us knew one another.  We all saw the ad in the April 2017 paper and headed to Fort Langley by ourselves and signed up.

At best….we are a entry level team that meets on Fridays at 430, and paddles from 530 – 630

We all have a life story to tell. Most of us have been retired from professional jobs for more than 10 to
15 years, and some of us are still working, but ALL of us wanted something fun to do, to get out in the
air, on the water, stay mentally and physically healthy, exercise and have fun with women our own age.

This year we are learning how to be good paddlers. Next year, with Ben’s patience, we will be stronger
and better paddlers. Good enough to enter some Regattas.

As long as there is someone to help us get in and out of the boat…. Yes…. some of us have hip & knee replacements