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Voyageur Events

The voyageurs set out on the river system many times a year.  Check here for the latest info about upcoming events and to view recents trips.   2017 EVENTS

Sat. Mar 18- 2017 Voyageur Planning Meeting                      Aug 7-Brigade Day
Sat. Mar 25- Bruce’s Market & Paddle                                    Aug 8 Evening/ Moon Paddle
Apr 4 & 8– Safety instruction & Paddle                                    Aug 19– Crescent Island and Picnic
April 11 – Safety Instruction & Eve Paddle                               Sept.6 -Moonlight Paddle
Apr. 22 -West Creek Paddle (check tide)                                 Sept 9– Bruce’s Market & Paddle
May 13 -Golden Ear Bridge Paddle and Hot Dog Roast          Sept 30-Heritage Apple Day & Paddle
June 24 – Kanaka Creek Paddle and Picnic                             Oct.5– Moonlight Paddle
July 8– Moonlight Paddle                                                          Oct 7 – Cranberry Festival & Races
July 18 & 22- Safety Instruction & Paddle                                Late Oct- Tuesday Night Paddle and Potluck
July 154 PM Paddle and BBQ pot luck –Debi’s                      Jan 1, 2018 New Year’s Day Paddle and Potluck

For info about the Voyageur Division email Glenda at or