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Emergency Pull-out Spots

If you are faced with an emergency pull-out and need to call 911 for ambulance or police you will need to know the address of your pull-out location.  Use the address as listed below.  Click for full size FLCC Pull-out map.FLCC Pull-out map


Many of the pull-out locations do not have typical addresses. In most cases you will need to send someone to the nearest main road to direct emergency vehicles to the pull-out area. Use pull-out locations indicated in red whenever possible.

  1. McMillan Island Docks/Old Albion Ferry Dock, North end of Glover Road at Fraser River, 9500 Block of Glover Road
  2. North End of 252nd Street at Fraser River, Off 88th Ave
  3. East end of Fort Langley Airport, 24600 Block River Road, Private Rail Crossing, Locked vehicle gate but open to pedestrians.  Come off the water at the airport docks or concrete ramp.
  4. Shore of Fort Camping, 9451 Glover Road, Fort Campground at Brae Island Regional Park
  5. Travistock Point, west end of McMillan Island, accessible via 9451 Glover Road, Fort Campground at Brae Island Regional Park. Only use if capsize incident as ambulance access if extremely difficult.
  6. 23845 River Road, Private Rail Crossing, Yellow House
  7. Multiple locations on Soccer Field access, un-named road between Glover Road and Gabriel Lane. Continues to 23900 Block of Gabriel Lane. Best pull-out is boat launch
  8. Muench Private Dock, 10153 Allard Crescent. Road extends off Allard Cresent at 10000 Block to Fraser River – Get someone up onto Allard Crescent to direct emergency vehicles down to dock area.
  9. East shore of Salmon River at Fraser River. Access Road is at 22969 Coulter Court.  There is a locked gate here.  Give 911 this address and get someone up to the gate to lead EHS to the river.


Paddlesport Dock – north of Lelem Café at 23285 Billy Brown Road
Riverside Dock – north of Fort Pub (9273 Glover Road)
Canoe Dock – north end of Church Street at Fraser River
Fort Langley Marina Park boat-launch – access park at north end of Church Street; boat-launch is at east end of park.