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Dock and Boat Usage


The Canoe Dock has narrow fingers, therefore the number of paddlers on any finger should not exceed two, plus two more holding lines.

PFDs   PFDs MUST be worn on docks and in boats.

Organize  After warm up, please line up your team so everyone knows their seat before heading down to the dock. The entire team may line up on the larger dock at the bottom of the ramp then 2 paddlers at a time go onto the finger to load the boat when instructed to do so, by the steersperson.

Untie the Boat  The boat must be untied and unlocked before anyone gets in the boat. One person should hold the bow line, and another the stern line, with the line being passed around one side of the deck cleat. The lines should hold the boats snug against the dock and may be loosened or tightened to bring the bow or stern closer to the dock to help paddlers load at the ends of the boat.

Load the Boat  Boats should be loaded one person at a time, and paddlers should quickly take their seat.

Leaving the Dock  Please give the steersperson your full attention when leaving the dock. The steersperson is always in control of the boat so be prepared to do as she/he asks. Please refrain from doing something you think should be done. The steersperson is responsible for the crew and equipment and may have something in mind that you are not aware of. So please listen to the steersperson and do as requested. The coach will be given control of the boat once it is away from the dock.

Returning to Dock   On returning to the dock, the command of the boat will be given back to the steersperson to bring in the boat in a controlled manner. Please listen and do as requested. When at the dock, please remain seated and hold your paddle.

Unloading the Boat   The steersperson will ask the first paddlers to get out and hold the bow and stern lines around the cleats – but not tied. Please remain seated until called to get out of the boat. If you are not holding the boat or helping someone out of the boat, please move promptly to the large dock, to clear the finger.

Security   Clear all gear or garbage from the boats. Instructions have been given to the captains and steerspersons to tie and lock the boats. Before leaving the dock, please bail all boats, ensuring all boats are locked and tied properly.


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