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Coach & Safety Boats – Procedures & Rules

Members must Book Coach & Safety Boats


This info is sent out annually, as a reminder of rules and regulations for all of us who share the coach/safety boats. Please read thoroughly.

  1. The following items should accompany you when operating the safety boat:
  • Personal Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC)
  • Paddle (use Mohawk paddle: the one with aluminum shaft)
  • Peeless whistle
  • Bailer
  • PFD
  • Throw bag
  1. Gas tanks are topped up weekly by designated club volunteers and coordinated by the club MAL. The purpose of a ‘designate’ is to ensure that high octane gas is consistently used and our motors are protected from poor quality gas. Fill tanks in gravel area outside cage, not on docks, and replace in yellow container in cage after every
  2. Fill out Safety Boat Log Book before each practice. One is located on top shelf of the red locker in the boathouse. There is another Log book in the dragon boat dock cage for the coach boat moored there.


  • your name
  • team name
  • date
  • time
  • boat/motor used
  • note any maintenance issues and
  • report any issues to the FLCC Vice Commodore or MAL
  1. SAFETY NOTE: when performing rescue from water, shut motor OFF until person is safely in the boat


Teams who regularly use the coach boats are required to assign one individual the responsibility of replacing fuel. This is coordinated by the MAL (to ensure gas quality). Please submit fuel bills to the club for reimbursement.
In addition, teams who use the coach boat regularly will be charged to help offset gas cost, repairs and replacement of coach boats and motors.

  • Once a week usage = $50 for a 6 month season
  • Twice a week usage = $100 for a 6 month season

Please note: this does not guarantee or reserve boat usage, this is to offset cost.
Throughout the season, the coach boat may be needed by other members or for events, so we ask all users to work together to share the club resources.
Occasional users are not charged.
Please provide the MAL with the gas volunteer name and boat fee by April 15th.


If using the DB dock coach boat, lift the motor up out of the water after using. Return gas can to gas lockup cage.

To install fuel:

  • if using the boathouse boat, make sure plug is in safety boat, and put safety boat in the water
  • put gas container in boat
  • open vent on top of container
  • insure fuel line is clean and attach to motor
  • pump primer ball until hard

To start motor:

  • Insure ‘dead man clip’ is installed on ‘dead man kill button,’ and attach it to either the boat operator or to front of motor so that it cannot trail in water and get caught in propeller.
  • Set throttle on ‘Start.’
  • Pull choke out fully, if starting for the first time, pull to start, and slowly push choke in as motor warms up. Re-starting motor does not require the choke.


  • Carpet should be used to drag safety boat in and out of water
  • When storing safety boat in the boathouse, angle boat so there is clearance for voyageurs