Attention FLCC Paddlers!

Are You Ready?

It looks like the return of big boats is nearly here.

This notification is to advise everyone of where we are at in our Return to Play plan, how it may affect you, and what to expect.

At this point we are awaiting final approval of our updated Return to Play plan from the Township of Langley (expected next week, fingers crossed). After this happens things will start to happen quickly, see the list below of the different disciplines and how the Board sees them rolling out. Of course this is all dependant on Public Health recommendations and the provincial roll out.

OC6 & V12:              Back in operation upon ToL approval

Tandem canoes:     Tandems in operation upon ToL approval

Voyageur:                 Not at this time due to freshet and close seating proximity. Possibly by July 1st as restrictions relax.

Dragon Boat:           Not at this time. Awaiting recommendations from the governing body, (Dragon Boat Canada).  More updates to follow.

Things you need to do to be ready:

  • Pay your FLCC membership if not already paid.
  • Consult with your team or group as to your own comfort level with starting to paddle again and plans moving forward.
  • Team Captains should consult with your Division Coordinator on what else you need to do to return to Paddle (fees, scheduling, etc…).

Please take note that certain Covid protocols will still be in place and it is expected that all members read, understand, and follow the documents in our Return to Play plan.  An extraordinary amount of time and effort has been given in developing this plan under the direction of ToL, ViaSport BC, and the Provincial Health Authority so we do not want to mess up. We MUST follow the plan.

We hope that everyone is back on the water very soon.

FLCC Board of Directors