In December 2010, a group of like-minded dedicated women met to discuss the possibility of forming a Competitive Dragon Boat team. The following January, 28 women—all over the age of 49—formed the Fast & Furious Dragon Boat team, paddling out of the Fort Langley Canoe Club.  Goals were quickly established, with the objective of qualifying at the National level and competing at the World’s Club Crew Championship level.  The competitive team spirit was born in Fort Langley with many adventures for our members excited to represent our club on the national and international stages.  Fast and Furious quickly proved they have what it takes. Under the guidance of Coach, Ben Lee, the road to 4 Nationals and 3 World championships, 3 Pan Am Club Crew Championships,  their story was written and covered in Bronze, Silver and Gold.  A decade of adventures, hard work, dedication and above all the love of paddling, teamwork, our “sistahood” and life-long friendships created in our amazing paddling community.  

Team highlights included:

2011 Silver medal Nationals

2012 Bronze medal 200 m CCWC in Hong Kong 

2013 Rio Tinto Alcan Festival and the top Women’s team at the 2013 Nanaimo Festival. 

2013 earned a berth at Nationals

2014 CCWC in Ravenna, Italy placing top 10 in the World Championships. 

After 2014, our team consisted of 4 original members, and former members branched off to become our Titanium sisters competing in the 60+ age group.  The recruitment began and with new members FNF worked hard to keep the legacy going.  We are fuelled by Fireball after all and never say quit! This determination again paid off for FNF!

2015 Silver medalists in the Nanaimo DB Festival and then formed a DB10 Team FNF Lite competing at the:  

2015 Pan Am Club Crew, Canada earning 3 bronze medals 

2017 PACC Puerto Rico, earning gold and silver medals

2019 PACC Trinidad and Tobago 2 silver, 1 bronze medal 

2017 once again brought FNF to the National Club Crew Championships, qualified again! 

2018 World Club Crew Championships in Hungary placing top 10 in the World. 

2019 National Championships and then 2020! WELL, WASN’T THAT A SHOWSTOPPER! 

We have certainly lived up to our name, Fast & Furious and our ten-year legacy now has ended.  We will always be grateful for all our friendships, FLCC teammates, COACH BEN LEE, the visionary and all the FNF Executives and team members that made the magic happen behind the scenes. So many opportunities created to compete on the World stage and represent our club FLCC, FLCC, FLCC!  With that, we leave behind a kind donation to our club and thank you all for the memories!   We will always be the Fireballers and may you all continue to keep that spark and competitive spirit in your adventures on the water!   When we look back at the memories and many pictures, thank you Bob Anderson, Ben Lee, Linda Li, and others for the pictures, we will remember some of the best days of our lives!  FIREBALL!!!! Paddles UP! 

Written by Audrey Milne –Forever, a proud FNFer!