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FORTified (55+)                      Contact Karen,
SPRING & SUMMER: Tuesday & Thursday 6:10–8:00pm
WINTER: Sunday 10:30am, starts October 15, 2017

FORTified is one of several mixed teams in the Fort Langley Canoe Club.  This successful team of age 55+ paddlers was formed in the fall of 2008 to compete in the 2009 BC Senior Games in Richmond. After the Senior Games of 2009 the team committed to year-round and twice-a- week training, and went on to win gold four times: in the 2010 Senior Games in Comox, the 2011 Games in Nelson, the 2013 Games in Kamloops and the 2014 Games in Langley. FORTified won silver at the BC 55+ Games (formerly the BC Senior Games) in Burnaby in 2015.

FORTified’s Mission Statement:
We are a diverse Senior team with a common love of the water and a strong spirit of camaraderie to
each other and the FLCC. Our mission is to empower and FORTify each other with a healthy competitive
spirit while supporting one another to push our limits with the result of maximizing our mental and
physical well-being while succeeding as a team.

FORTified’s Team Goal:
To be the best recreational senior mixed team in the regattas we attend.

FORTified’s 2018 Team Plans:
In the 2018 regatta season, Fortified plans to race in a minimum of 6-8 regattas which may include the
Rocky Point Regatta in Port Moody, False Creek Spring Knockout, Victoria Gorge Sprints, Penticton
Sprints, Harrison, Kamloops, Steveston regattas and the BC 55+ Games in Kimberly next September.
Visit our Facebook page. It is updated frequently with race video and activity pics. Take a look!
Are you 55 +? We are actively recruiting new paddlers for 2018! Join in the fun! Hear us cheer, “FORT,
FORT, FORTified … No Doubt!”















 Visit our Facebook page

Team members are residents of the Fraser Valley, and are coached by Sandy Ferguson. You can hear, “FORT, FORT, FORTified . . . No Doubt!”, this season at the False Creek Spring Knockout (May 14th), Harrison (July 23rd), Kamloops (August 6th), Steveston (August 20th), Penticton (September 10th) and the BC 55+ Games in Coquitlam (September 20 -24th).

FORTified’s team goal is To improve our division finish, depending on the vagaries of each regatta, as the season progresses.

Fortified July 2016











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