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Fort Fusion

Monday & Thursday 6:45 – 8:00 pm  Contact Paula

Dragonboating unites dedicated people to promote physical and mental well being through fitness, new friendships, laughter and team support. The thrill of competition in the first regatta is an experience like no other.

Fort Fusion, a recreational mixed team, was formed in 2007 by three ladies wanting more than a once-a-week paddle with their local club. Coached by dedicated Cheryl MacIntosh, the then dragon boat rep for the Fort Langley Canoe Club, new recruits were soon hooked on this fast-growing water sport.

Known as accountants, entrepreneurs, computer geeks, homemakers, fishermen, fitness instructors, landscapers, office workers, paramedics, postal employees, teachers, and transplant recipients, they are really just a team of addicted water warriors.

“Practice to race, race to win, but if you can’t have fun… what’s the point?!” says Fort Fusion’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach, Denise Crook.