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Practice Times & Bookings, Events and Boat Cleaning

To book a Dragon Boat contact Karen or Joyce

Practice Times and boat bookins are listed on calendar.  Boat cleaning roster is below calendar.

Boat Team Team
Red 6/16 Chicks Ahoy Dragon Alliance
Blue 6/16 Titanium Fast & Furious
Green 6/16 Sundragons SOAR
Old BUK Fortitude Dragon Spirit
New BUK Fraser Dragons Paddlepushers
Millenium Fusion Fortified
DB10 Elite
Blue Swift Dragonflies Kindred Spirit
Red Swift Phoenix Ex-Sighted
Large Coach Boat Iron Maidens
Small Coach Boat Illusion

Schedule dates:
April 1st – May 15th
May 15th, – June 30th
July 1st – Aug 15th
Aug 15th – Sept 30th