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Dragonboat Steering

For more info  on steers assessment and training contact Dan.  

FLCC policy requires all regular steers to undergo an on-water and online assessment.

All FLCC steers will be required to complete an online quiz.  The quiz will cover:

  • basic commands & vocabulary
  • right-of-way
  • what needs to be in the boat
  • pre-departure checks
  • freshet rules
  • minimum number of paddlers
  • non-swimmer & anxious swimmer check, buddy system
  • use of throw bag
  • FLCC pull-out spots and 911 procedures
  • location and use of dock exit ladders
  • changing seats
  • dealing with wake
  • knowledge of freshet resources, ie. Avadepth
  • awareness of hazards

Information about the above can be found in the Fort Langley Canoe Club Steering Manual  and at Minimum Number of Paddlers and Safety Equipment

Downloadable FLCC Steering Manual
Click for a downloadable version of the steering manual Fort Langley Canoe Club Steering Manual V2.1

Click to view the FLCC Steersperson On-Water Skills Checklist or view the FLCC Steersperson On-Water Assessment

Click here to access the quiz or complete the form below:


Interested in learning to steer a dragonboat?  The steersperson is responsible for boat and crew safety and plays a crucial part in the success of a team.