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If you have problems signing-up or clearing a sign-up please contact Joyce.
Non-members please print , complete and bring the 2017 Waiver for Non-members

Friday Drop-in, 9:15am –
Saturday Drop-in, 9:15am –
Sunday Drop-in, 9:15am –

Friday am and Sunday am Dragonboat Drop-in Practice are for current FLCC dragonboat team members, who are paying boat usage and coach fees to their team, to get an additional dragonboat practice each week. There is no coach, and may or may not have a caller depending if one of the participants is willing to call. Dragonboat team members from all teams are welcome but must signup weekly to get a seat.

Member who have been on a DB team but are not currently on a team may also join the DB Team Practice if there is room. Priority is given to members currently on an FLCC dragonboat team if there is a shortage of space.

The Dragonboat Drop-in Practice is also for new paddlers to try out dragonboating to see if they would like to join a dragonboat team. New non-team-paddlers trying it out need to sign-up and inform us that they are trying out dragonboating then someone will be assigned to help them. They are encouraged to check out the FLCC website to join a team if team spots are available. It is highly likely that late in the season there will not be team spots available and drop-in will be the only option until the start of the new season.  If the non-team-paddler decides they do not want to join a DB team they are welcome and encouraged to join the Voyageur drop-in recreational paddling.