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Booking Safety Boats, Coach Boats & ERGs

FLCC has three motorized aluminium skiffs for use as safety and coach boats.  To book a coach or safety boat contact Catriona.

TitaniumErgPart of the development of the new boat storage facilities (behind and under the Riverside Room) involved the Township working with FLCC and the Rowing clubs to create a new society to manage the facilities. That society is called the Bedford Channel Society  (BCS).

One of the conditions put upon BCS by the Township was that the Riverside Room should be equipped with additional facilities and become, primarily, an Athlete Training Centre.

Included in the new equipment will be 2 Dragon Boat ERGS. They are available for individual exercise use and also for dryland time trials.

ALL users of the ATC must be instructed in the correct use of the ergs before they use them. If you have not had a qualified person show you how to use the machine, then you should contact Nadine Mross to arrange for a lesson. She charges a very reasonable $16 an hour for instruction, and this can be individual, or for a group. Here is her contact info:

Questions to

Contact Athlete Training Centre to book an ERG.

Click here for ERG-Usage-Policy-Instructions