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Fort Langley Canoe Club is a non-profit group of people who enjoy paddling competitively and recreationally in four main classes of boats – Canoe & Kayak, Dragonboat, Voyageur and Outrigger canoe.

We started out as a Sprint Racing Club with youth competing in flat water racing. We continue with youth and adult flatwater canoeing and kayaking for all levels from recreational paddlers to international competitors.  More info . . . .

We have several voyageur canoes which we use to re-enact the historic arrival of people to Fort Langley during the “Brigade Days” every summer, as well as for numerous other community events. We have regular voyageur canoe recreational paddles throughout the year.  More info . . . .

With the introduction of dragonboats, we have seen substantial growth in the number of competitive paddlers in our club. We now have dragonboat teams competing in regattas regionally, nationally and internationally.  More info . . . .

Our club also has three six-person, and three one-person outrigger canoes for our members to use and are looking forward to the development of that portion of our club as well.  More info . . . .

We paddle on the Bedford Channel with staging areas from the Paddlesport Dock (kayaks, racing canoes and voyageur canoes), Riverside Dock (outrigger canoes) and the Canoe Dock, east of the bridge, (dragonboats).


Club membership runs January 1st to December 31st and allows members to join in all scheduled recreational paddling. Other types of paddling may require a boat usage fee. Coaching is an additional monthly fee. Family membership is available, offering a discount for immediate family members in a single household.

Children must be supervised by one of their parents.

Each member must provide his or her own Coast Guard approved PFD (personal flotation device).

Each member may use the club boats and paddles at club specified events. Boat usage fees may apply. If a member wishes to have a more specialized paddle, they must purchase it themselves.

Each member is entitled to vote at club meetings.

Membership Fees 2016 - includes taxes
Club Membership $84
Second club membership for family at same address $63
Third and subsequent club membership for family at same address $42



As this is a club run by volunteers, all members are expected to participate in the running of the club. Many hands make light work. To make sure the club is what you want it to be, it is best to attend club meetings, find out all about it, and get involved.


This is for non-members who wish to drop in and try paddling in a recreational kayak, dragonboat or voyageur canoe at our regularly scheduled drop-in sessions.  Sessions are $10.00 each time per person and a signed liability waiver (available for download) is required.  The first dragonboat session is free.  It is on a first come, first served basis, and is an opportunity for people to see what our club is all about prior to making a decision to join.

Drop-in Schedule and Contacts
Boat Day & Time Contact
Dragonboat Friday 9:00
Dragonboat Sunday 9:00
Voyageur Saturday 9:30
Voyageur Tuesday evening

Tuesday evening Voyageur times vary with the season.  No Tuesday Voyageur paddles in the winter.
You MUST contact the coordinators beforehand.

Recommended Reading – Books about paddle sports
Kayaking: Outdoor Adventures  –  American Canoe Association
Paddle Your Own Kayak  –  Gary McGuffin
Kayaking for Fitness  –  Jodi Bigelow
Recreational Kayaking : The Essential Skills and Safety  –  Alex Matthews
Recreational kayaking : The Ultimate Guide  –  Ken Whiting
Whitewater in B.C.’s Southwest  — Steve Crowe
Kayaking  –  Julie Bach
Kayaking  –  Scott Bass
The Flying Canoe  –  Roch Carrier
One-Dog Canoe  –  Mary Casanova
Loon Lake  –  Jonathan London
Down the Yukon  –  Will Hobbs
The Pirates of Captain McKee  –  Julie Lawson
Shin-chi’s Canoe  –  Nicola I Campbell
Fire Storm  –  Jean C George
Whitewater Scrubs  – James McEwan
No More Pranks  –  Monique Polak
Red Kayak  –  Priscilla Cummins
Sointula : A Novel  –  Bill Gaston
Paddles Up!: Dragon Boat Racing in Canada  –  Arlene Chan
Path of the Paddle  –  Bill Mason
Dragon Boats: A Celebration – Pat Barker
Spirited Waters  –  Jennifer Hahn