Race LogisticsThis opportunity is available Free to all FLCC members.  The current membership expires March  2021.  This is a great time to renew your FLLC membership.  The link for renewal is https://www.fortlangleycanoeclub.ca/memberships/  Paddlers need to record their time for submission.  A simple stop watch would work.  If you have a group of 4 or less that goes out together and would like to have someone time the individuals in the group please contact timetrials@fortlangleycanoeclub.ca.  Participating as a group may enhance the competitive spirit and the fun!If you do not have a device that records time please contact timetrials@fortlangleycanoeclub.ca and we will make arrangements to time you or lend you a device.  If you have a device that records distance, time and date please take a screen shot for submission.  
Those using club boats must be paid users and adhere to all of the existing usage processes.  All small boats are invited to participate. Race start and finish – Envision a line across the river that follows the line formed by the yellow fencing that stands out from the west end of the shed to a yellow marker (to be positioned when th eweather warms up) on the north side of the channel- that is the start and finish line.  You can start anywhere along that line.  Please maintain a safe distance from the dock and other athletes while lining up.  The one exception is that the  finish line for the new course, the Bedford B-line, is at the orange bouy near the west end of Brae Island (Tavistock Point). 
 Bedford B-line – This is a new course designed for those that want a straight line and are just picking up speed.  The race start as above.  The finish line is at the orange bouy near the west end of Brae Island (Tavistock Point).  Tavistock Turnaround – Short course  – The race start as above.  Paddlers will travel down river and make an ama side turn around the orange buoy near the west end of Brae Island.  The finish line is the same as the start line. Channel Double Double – Long course – The race start and finish as above.  The course can be done in the either direction.  You must go around the orange buoy at the east end (Endsleigh point) and the west end (Tavistock point) of the channel.  Cautions:  Be careful of the rocks in the river below the florescent gas line signs on both sides of the river.  There is an orange marker on the south side of the channel.  For those doing the long course please keep at least one boat length away from the south shore between the bridge and Endsleigh point – because of all the fallen trees.  Overlap is defined as a condition that exists when no open water can be seen between the stern of one canoe and the bow of another, when canoes are viewed at right angles to their course.”  For further clarification please see page 11 & 12 at https://canadianoutrigger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/CORA-Long-DIstance-Rules-Revised-March-2020-3071485_23.pdf  To enter you must submit your results, including the type of boat, time, and date, along with your first/last name to timetrials@fortlangleycanoeclub.ca by midnight Feb 28, 2021.