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Regattas & Results


Not all dates available.  Confirmed 2017 dates are in RED.

May 6thFalse Creek Spring Knockout Regatta
May 14thDragon Zone Spring Sprints False Creek
May 28thGorge Super Sprints (250m) Victoria 
May 27thFalse Creek Women’s

June 10th & 11th – Dragon Zone 500m False Creek
Saturday am Results  Saturday pm Results  Sunday am Results
Cancelled (Forest Fire air quality) – Shuswap Festival, Salmon Arm  

June 23rd-25th Concord Pacific (formerly Rio Tinto Alcan)
Results Saturday  Results Sunday

July 7-9thNanaimo Dragon Boat Festival
FLCC Team Results, Results

July 15thKent Cornucopia Dragonboat Festival
July 22ndHarrison DB Festival
FLCC only Results, Results
Cancelled for 2017 – Seattle DB Festival

August 12thGorge Fest DB Victoria
August 12th – Kamloops Dragonboat Festival
Canceled due to smoke in the air
August 18th-20th  – Victoria Dragon Boat Festival
August 13th (last year) – Vernon Dragon Boat Festival

August 26th  – Steveston Dragon Boat Festival
Results,  FLCC Team Results
August 27th – 28th (last year) – Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival

September 9th & 10th – Penticton DB Festival
Results,  Local Results
September 9th – 10th Portland Oregon

September 12th-16th – 55+ BC Games


We do not have regatta info for Dragonflies

April 1st – 7th – Club Crew World Championships, Adelaide, SA, Australia
Titanium – Two Silvers  & a Bronze  Results here
May 8th – Dragon Zone Spring Sprints False Creek
Fast & Furious, Titanium
May 14th – False Creek Spring Knockout Regatta
Abreast with FORTitude, Dragon Alliance, Fort Fusion, Fast & Furious, Sundragons, Titanium  Results here
May 29th – Gorge Super Sprints (250m) Victoria  Results here
May 28th – False Creek Women’s
Abreast with FORTitude, Chicks Ahoy!, Dragon Spirit, Fast & Furious, Fraser Dragons, Paddle Pushers, Phoenix, Sundragons, Titanium  Results here
June 4th – 5thDragon Zone 500m False Creek
Fast & Furious, SOAR, Titanium  Results here Saturday AM, Results Saturday PM, Results Sunday
June 17th – 19th Concord Pacific (formerly Rio Tinto Alcan)
Abreast with FORTitude, Fast & Furious, Titanium  Results here Saturday  Results here Sunday
June 25th – Shuswap Festival, Salmon Arm
Fort Fusion Results here
July 8th – 10th Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival
Abreast with FORTitude, Dragon Alliance ,Dragon Spirit, Fast & Furious, Fort FusionSundragons, Results here
July 9th – Kent Cornucopia Dragonboat Festival
July 23rd – Harrison DB Festival
Ex-Sighted, Fort Fusion, Fortified, Fraser Dragons, Paddle Pushers, SOAR, Titanium Results here
July 30th – Seattle DB Festival
August 6th – Gorge Fest DB Victoria
August 6th – Kamloops Dragonboat Festival
Fortified, Phoenix, Sundragons, Titanium  Results here
August 13th – 14th – Victoria Dragon Boat Festival
August 13th – Vernon Dragon Boat Festival
August 20th  – Steveston Dragon Boat Festival
Chicks Ahoy!, Dragon Alliance, Ex-Sighted, Fraser Dragons, Fortified, Paddle Pushers, Phoenix, SOAR, Sundragons, Titanium  Results here
August 27th – 28th – Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Alliance
September 20th – 24th – 55+ BC Games
September 10th – 11th Portland Oregon
September 10th – 11th – Penticton DB Festival
Chicks Ahoy!, Dragon Spirit, Fortified, Fort Fusion, SOAR, Titanium


Club Crew Nationals, Welland Ontario Results . . .
Dragon Zone Spring Sprints False Creek Results . . . 
May 9th – False Creek Spring Knockout Regatta  Results . . . . 
May 23 – Gorge Super Sprints (250m) Victoria  Results . . . 
May 23 – False Creek Women’s Results . . .
Dragon Zone 500m False Creek
Rio Tinto Alcan
July 11th – 12th Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Results . . . 
July 11th – 12th Kent Cornucopia Dragon Boat Festival Results . . .
July 25th – Harrison DB Festival Results . . . 
July 25th – Seattle DB Festival Results . . . 
August 8th – Gorge Fest DB Victoria Results . . .
August 14th – 16th Victoria DB Festival Results . . .
August 14th – 16th – Pan Am Club Crew Championships, Welland Ontario Results . . .
Augest 22nd – Steveston Dragon Boat Festival
September 55+ BC Games Results . . . 
September 12th – 13th – Portland Oregon Results . . .
September – Penticton Dragon Boat Festival Results . . .



May, 2014

Dragon Zone Spring Sprints False Creek  May 3
AIAB Fort-itude, Fast & Furious, Titanium
Results here . . . 

FCRCC Spring Knockout  May 9, 2015
Fast & Furious, Fortified, Titanium
Results here . . . 

FCRCC Women’s Dragon Boat Regatta May 23rd
AIAB Fort-itude, Chicks Ahoy, Dragon Spirit, Fast & Furious, Fraser Dragons, Phoenix, Sundragons, Titanium
Results here . . .      FLCC Results here . . .


June, 2014:

Dragon Zone Spring Sprint Regatta (Pre-Alcan) June 6th, 7th
Dragon Alliance, Fast & Furious, Fortified, Titanium

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival – June 19th – 21st
AIAB Fort-itude, Dragon Alliance, Fast & Furious, Fort Fury, Fortified, Fraser Dragons, SunDragons, Titanium
Saturday Results here . . .  Sunday Results here . . .    FLCC Results here . . . 

Canadian Dragon Boat Championships – June 26-28
Results here . . . 

July, 2014:
Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival July 10th-12th
AIAB Fort-itude, Chicks Ahoy, Dragon Spirit, Fort Fury,
Results here . . . 

Kent Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Festival, Washington, July11th
SOAR, Fortified
Results here . . . 

Harrison Dragon Boat Festival July 25th
Dragon Alliance, Fort Fury, Fortified, SunDragons, Titanium

August 2014:

Seattle Dragon Boat Festival, August 1st

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival August 14th -16th
Dragon Alliance, Fortified

Pan Am Club Crew Championships, Welland Ontario August 15th & 16th
Fast & Furious

Steveston Dragon Boat Festival August 22rd
Chicks Ahoy, Dragon Spirit, Fort Fury, Fraser Dragons, Phoenix, SOAR, Sundragons, Titanium
Steveston Results for FLCC DB teams

Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival August 29th & 30th

September, 2014:

Portland Dragon Boat Festival  September 12th, 13th
Raymond James Penticton Dragon Boat Festival  September 12th & 13th
Dragon Alliance, Fort Fury, SOAR

BC Senior Games (North Vancouver) – August 27th & 28th
Fortified, Titanium