The Big Boat Freshet Steering Clinic will be held on Saturday, June 14th with overflow sessions Sunday, June 15th.  Dragonboat & Voyageur sessions start at 9:00am.  OC sessions start at 11:00.

The overflow sessions will be held for those who can’t attend on Saturday and for those we can’t accommodate on Saturday.

Steerspersons - Please register here. The registration form for this clinic can also be found on the FLCC website under Safety.  At 9:00am for Dragonboat and at 11:00 for OC6, a steersperson meeting will be held to confirm your registration and give you a brief overview of what will be required of you on the water. This clinic covers swift water procedures for leaving and returning to the dock as well as actively ferrying the boat across the current to the dock.

It is strongly recommended that all steers attend this clinic. The cut off for registration is Thursday, June 10th at 6:00pm.

Paddlers, we need your help!  We anticipate this clinic will be in the water from 9:30 to 11:30am. We hope to have paddlers in hour long sessions. Whatever time you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please sign up with the time you are available. We will get back to you to confirm your time slot. Thank you for supporting our steerspeople who are invaluable to the club. Please register here.

Online membership is now available.  Click here or go to Forms & Documents on the FLCC website.  Fees can be mailed to: Fort Langley Canoe Club, Box 1098, Fort Langley. BC, V1M 2S4 or given to team captains.