FLCC announces the FLCC CLUB NIGHT on Fridays from May 15

Starting on Friday, May 15 and running on alternate Fridays throughout the summer season*, the Club will be hosting the FLCC Club Night for all FLCC members.

The aims of the FLCC Club Night are to provide opportunities for

• All FLCC members to OC6, OC1 or kayak in a group, not team, setting.  Members who have not yet done an OC huli will be accommodated.

• Paddlers to learn from each other.

• Short and medium length paddles in the channel.

• Trying new things in supportive, collaborative environment - eg short races and/or time trials – for bragging rights . . . other boats . . . other age groups . . . steering, stroking, turning.

• Members can bring their own canoes and kayaks – even SUPs – to the channel.

• Members to discuss the development of new teams to emerge for specific class racing.

Perhaps these will be the best that FLCC can field, possibly based on Time Trials.

FLCC Club Night:
WILL be SOCIAL and FUN (and may include door prizes, food, beverages).
WILL be FREE to members (though special events may incur charges).
WILL be CO-OPERATIVELY run, with everyone volunteering for small tasks.
WILL NOT normally be coached (nor is it a substitute for coaching).
WILL operate on the PADDLESPORT dock from 6pm to sunset.

So put these dates in your diary.

* May 15, 29. June 12, 26. July 10, 24. August 7, 21. September 4, 18. October 2.

And turn up on May 15!!!!!!

We will develop a Team Snap, or similar, in due course.

Questions to Gralin or to Jonathan