The Freshet, #62

April, 2015

FLCC Apparel

Men's and Women's T-Shirts, Jackets and Hats.  See for details and order form.

Samples are available for viewing on request at the Canoe Dock - contact Cec.
Cec will be at the Canoe Dock at 6:00 this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Dragonboat and OC teams please submit one order and payment.

Deadline for orders is June 5th.

Dragonboat Steers Assessment and Mentorship Program

FLCC is implementing a program of assessment and mentorship for club steers. This program is designed to find out what we, as a club, can do to help our current Steers to increase their current level of expertise and give our future steers a mentorship program in which to train under. In order to do this we have designed an on-line quiz to check general knowledge and a checklist of maneuvers for the on-water, or practical, assessment.

Every Steers person in the club will be required to do the on-line quiz and have an on the water assessment done.

This not a pass or fail scenario. This program is designed to help all our steers gain new skills and improve existing skills.

We will start with the primary steers of each team, then the backup steers, spare & part time steers and new steers. Each assessment will be performed during a team practice. Each team will be asked to give us a date that they can have the practical done and we will assign an Assessor to come out with you on that date.

The mentorship program will be built with the participation of the Steers in the higher skill level. We will be asking those people if they would like to participate in this program (it is not a mandatory assignment). In this way our most skilled steers can pass on their knowledge to our up and comers. It’s a great way to make sure that FLCC has a deep pool of skilled individuals at the helm.

 If you have any questions, please contact Denise  

It's that time of year again!  Time to volunteer to help out an FLCC's Cranberry Races.  This is our chance to contribute to the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival.

If you can help please contact

RECRUITING for a NEW 40+ Women's Dragonboat Team! 
We have a BRAND new team ready to start practice next Thursday, April 16!! 
Warm up is at 6:15pm and we aim to be on the water at 6:45pm.  This is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn how to paddle from a great coach, Ben Lee.  This team plans on working on their paddling skills this season and of course we will have lots of FUN!! Next year our team's goal will be to become a more competitive minded team. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please contact Cindy or Ben, emails below. Practices will be held at the Fort Langley Canoe Club on Thursday nights, please feel free to come try it out at our practice next week!! All experience levels are welcome!! 

If you would like more information about joining this team, please contact Cindy at or Ben at

FLCC Dragon Alliance sports team and club logos while they are supporting Feed the Children at Surrey’s Colour Me Rad event on May 23 at Holland Park.

If you are participating in a community event contact to borrow the FLCC "feather".

FLCC does Corporate and School Outings

Dragonboat - $400 for one hour on the water per boat – included pfds, paddles, steers, caller and basic safety and paddling instructions – and additional paddlers if needed.  Contact Gayle

Voyageur   $150 per hour on the water per boat – included pfds, paddles, steers and basic safety and paddling instructions – and additional paddlers if needed – contact the Voyageur Rep

Why we do huli drills . . . 

Recently a very seasoned OC6 crew experienced a huli near Tavistock Point.  Conditions were calm water, dry, no wind and on a wide turn around the point.  Two members of the crew experienced momentary shortness of breath due to the shock of being emersed in the cold water.  The OC6 canoe was flipped upright (via 2 people on the hull and 2 people pushing up on the ama), bailing commenced and the canoe was underway within 1 minute and the crew paddled back to the Canoe Dock without further incident.

Some take-away points:
- our huli drills (held in late summer and required of all FLCC club members who wish to use the OC6 canoes) work to enable crews to get out of the water quickly.  This is the number one strategy for prevention of debilitating hypothermia
- the requirement for PFD use on all boats and at all times meant that those who needed to recover their breath did not have to worry about also keeping afloat
- members should have all loose belongings in dry bags and attached to the boat or PFD (glasses and keys were lost in the huli)
- please submit an Incident Report (available online and as paper copy in the chicken coop on Canoe Dock) as soon as possible

Please watch (or re-watch) the Cold Water Bootcamp video (or go to the FLCC website for link) and learn the 1-10-1 rule and importance of getting folks out of the water as soon as possible.

FLCC announces the FLCC CLUB NIGHT 

Starting on Friday, May 15 and running on alternate Fridays throughout the summer season*, the Club will be hosting the FLCC Club Night for all FLCC members.

The aims of the FLCC Club Night are to provide opportunities for

• All FLCC members to OC6, OC1 or kayak in a group, not team, setting.  Members who have not yet done an OC huli will be accommodated.

• Paddlers to learn from each other.

• Short and medium length paddles in the channel.

• Trying new things in supportive, collaborative environment - eg short races and/or time trials – for bragging rights . . . other boats . . . other age groups . . . steering, stroking, turning.

• Members can bring their own canoes and kayaks – even SUPs – to the channel.

• Members to discuss the development of new teams to emerge for specific class racing.

Perhaps these will be the best that FLCC can field, possibly based on Time Trials.

FLCC Club Night:
WILL be SOCIAL and FUN (and may include door prizes, food, beverages).
WILL be FREE to members (though special events may incur charges).
WILL be CO-OPERATIVELY run, with everyone volunteering for small tasks.
WILL NOT normally be coached (nor is it a substitute for coaching).
WILL operate on the PADDLESPORT dock from 6pm to sunset.

So put these dates in your diary.

* May 15, 29. June 12, 26. July 10, 24. August 7, 21. September 4, 18. October 2.

Questions to Gralin or to Jonathan

Had an “adventure” on the river with an FLCC voyageur, dragonboat, outrigger canoe or kayak??  Please tell us about it via the FLCC Incident Report.  

There are paper copies of “2015 Incident Report” in a plastic container in the “chicken coop” on the Canoe Dock or you may access the convenient online form found on the FLCC website home page under “Forms & Documents” – click on “2015 Incident Report” and fill in the fields.

Incident reports ARE NOT about attributing blame.  They ARE about alerting the club to defects in boats, materials and procedures and to needed training for our club members.  The form asks the basic who, where, why, what, and how (to improve things) type questions.  It’s also important to report any injuries suffered to you or your crew members as a result of the incident.  The more details you can remember and provide, the better we are able to improve and prevent this incident from repeating itself.  We ask that you provide your name and contacts so that we may follow up (especially if there are any injuries), NOT to attribute blame or mete out punishment but to get more details if necessary.

In summary, the Incident Report helps the club maintain its equipment in good repair and help its members stay safe on the water.  It is also required “due diligence” in the case of unlikely but possible legal consequences of the incident.  We all benefit from the advice derived from the rich depth of experience found in our club members.  Please help us to be the safest club out there and one of which you are proud to be member.