The Freshet

Newsletter #54, July 2014

FRESHET RULES ENDED FRIDAY JULY 18 -- regular paddling rules (crew numbers, approaches to docks, etc.) now in effect.

Notes from the Executive . . . . . 

All FLCC divisions have been very successful in June and July in OC races, Dragon Boat Regattas and sprint events. Lots of bling hanging on FLCC members necks!! Well done!! We are very proud of you. Club members even participated in the voyageur Midnight Sun race on the Yukon River in June! FLCC youth sprint athletes Kirsten and Lauryn Cheung, Elissa Elmadani, Ryan Hayes and Natasha Spring are representing Zone 3 Fraser Valley in the BC Summer Games in Nanaimo July 18-20.  Good Luck to you! and to all FLCC paddlers participating in upcoming races.

Work on our new FLCC “harbor” at the Canoe dock has been delayed until September. Our contractor, Bluewater, is waiting for extra long boards to be delivered to begin constructing the wooden decks. Be prepared for significant dock disruption in September. Your patience is appreciated.

Please be advised that as of July 1 the FLCC will begin charging GST on community outing fees, club clothing and other items. Membership fees are exempt.

 June 2014 Executive minutes here

Cheers, Susan on behalf of the FLCC executive

Club Apparel

Details available soon on the FLCC website.

Volunteers Needed for Senior Games

The BC Seniors Games are being held in Langley on September 9-13, 2014.  FLCC is hosting the Dragon Boat competition on September 11th and 12th.

We are appealing to our FLCC members, family and friends to volunteer for this event.  If you are available you can register on the BC Seniors Games website at and select the dragonboating sport or contact Wendy at for a Volunteer Registration Form.

Volunteers Needed for Cranberry Races

Help out  with the Cranberry Races, October 11!  Contact Cheryl at

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Brigade Days & Moonlight Paddles

Brigade Days  One of our more popular special events is participating in the annual re-enactment of the voyageurs bringing their furs to trade at Fort Langley. This year's event will take place on Monday, August 4th. In past years, we have started in Mission and paddled down the river to Fort Langley. We have changed the format for this year's event. We will paddle from Fort Langley (departing at 8:30 a.m.) upstream to Glen Valley. There, we will stop so that paddlers can eat their packed snacks or lunches, and change into their costumes. Then, we will paddle down to Fort Langley (arriving at 1:00 p.m.) where staff from the Fort and members of the community will be waiting to greet us. Finally, we will follow the piper up to the Fort where outside the walls near the James Douglas statue there will be a ceremony to welcome the voyageurs. The fee for this event will be $2.00 for FLCC members, and $12.00 for non-FLCC members. For further information, or to sign up for this fun event, please email Julie at

Moonlight Paddle  On Saturday, July 12th, three boats of paddlers went out to see the moonrise. It was a beautiful evening, and a great time was had by all. Our next moonlight paddle will be on Sunday, August 10th at 8:00 p.m. Please sign up with Joan at

OC News

Huli Clinicsthat time of year is upon us. If you are planning to or think you may be interested in OC paddling you are required to complete the Huli quiz and on water exercise successfully. The exercise itself will be timed to coincide with actual time you would safely and successfully re-enter the boat during times where temperatures will be at the lowest.

Several clinics will be given so people will have ample time to participate.

For the OC 1’s the Huli clinics and paddling hours may be used to determine who is certified as qualified to paddle during the winter months, when using club equipment. If you are paddling on privately owned equipment you may also want to consider the safety guidelines under development. These will be posted on the website.

Sign up for times and date will be posted on the FLCC website shortly.

Volunteers are required to provide assistance in running the clinics:

We will need people to run the safety boats, record the attendees etc. Please indicate if you are interested in helping out. Contact the OC Coordinator.

OC Steer Clinics

Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level clinics: Steering Clinics are being planned for August and September. A poll will be circulated to all current OC paddlers for interest in attending the clinics and what level of instruction they feel they require.

OC teams at Lotus - Mixed Novice, Mens, Womens (l-r)

Dragon Boat Drop-in on Sundays suspended until September 21 due to insufficient numbers.

Learning to be a DB Regatta Starter

We have the opportunity to have someone from the club (or a hubby/relative/friend) train as a race starter for the Dragon boat races at the BC Senior Games. This would involve going to Harrison regatta for the day to train with the G2G people, and then acting as race starter for the two days of racing at the Sr. Games. If you cannot make it to Harrison then you can also train at Steveston regatta the end of August.  Contact Carolyn at